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  • Why a little care and respect goes a long way


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    UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd reflects on the importance of treating each other with respect and consideration. It’s up to us to set the tone, contribute to mental well-being and be great role models for young people.

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  • Travelling water


    Water Day Blog

    Mark world water day by exploring access to water with this simple game for young people.

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  • Forest amnesty


    Forest Amnesty Blog

    Celebrate the lungs of our planet by taking part in a forest amnesty during this years International Day of Forests.

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  • Launching the Scout Scientist Activity Badge


    Scout Scientist Activity Badge Final

    Celebrating the launch of the new Scout Scientist Activity Badge to mark British Science Week, with ESA Astronaut and Scout Ambassador Tim Peake. 

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  • Maths in nature



    As Scouts, we try to enjoy nature's splendour every day that we interact with it. Some of us are keen birdwatchers, others can tell an oak tree from a weeping willow, however all of us can see that nature is beautiful. For Pi Day, we try to break down some of the patterns in nature, and how they're really defined by mathematics.

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  • How active listening helps you be a great volunteer



    Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner explains how listening helps us live our values of care, respect and cooperation while supporting young people and volunteers 

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  • Our journey – how the Scouts helped my son learn to listen



    My son is a healthy, energetic and imaginative child. But there’s a fundamental problem. He just doesn’t seem to be able to listen. 

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  • 5 ways Scouts encourage listening skills



    Listening is about far more than just hearing – it’s about understanding, responding to and remembering what someone is telling you. Recent YouGov research found that 91% of UK adults who stated an opinion think the Scouts help young people develop active listening skills – but how do we do it? Here are five practical ways that we develop listening skills at Scouts.

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  • 9 out 10 people say Scouts develop active listening as a skill for life


    New YouGov research has revealed that better listening is the key to happiness and productivity at home, work, and in wider society. Significantly, it has also revealed that more than 9 out of 10 UK adults believe Scouts helps young people to develop the active listening skills needed for success.

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  • Build a wiggle robot


    Robot Blog 5

    Now that technology has become more accessible and intuitive, introducing young people early in their development can be really beneficial. Building this robot teaches young people about multiple aspects of robotics.

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