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Volunteer Head of Governance

Overview of the role

You'll be supporting the UK Commissioner for People and their team to lead the governance support work, by making sure that all individual charities that make up Scouts in the UK are well governed, with correct governance processes and procedures in place at all levels. To support Group, District and County executive committees understand and uphold their responsibilities, supported with appropriate, good quality, resources and training programmes. To ensure members and governance structures are supported as the committees appoint young members, and are representative of the communities they serve. To make sure effective executive committees are in place across Scouts providing a strong base for Groups, Districts and Counties to grow and develop, considering our wider needs and plan. You'll support the continued improvement and development of our governance.

Role description

Person specification

Anyone over 18 years of age are eligible to apply for this role.

How to apply

You can apply by completing the application form at the back of the vacancy pack. Once this form is submitted to, the application will be reviewed by the interview panel for suitablitiy. Upon review a decision on whether to progress the application to interview will be made and the appllicatant will be notified.

The interview panel for this role will be chaired by Amir Cheema, UK Commissioner for People and supported by Owen Ward, Member Support Officer (Volunteering).

The interview panel for this role is keen to receive applications from a wide range of individuals who have the skills and experience to undertake the role.

When completing the form please provide as much relevant information as possible about your skills and expiernce, as this will assist the interview panel in considering who may be best suited for the role.  Please refer to the role description and person specification to help the interview pannel understand how the applicant meets the requirements of the role. It may be helpful to include experiences outside of Scouting that are relevant to the role such as in professional or other volunteer capacities.

Volunteer Head Of Governance Application Pack V2
PDF – 791.9KB

Closing date:
Mon, January 6, 2020, 9:00 AM