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NCS Trust

Delivering pilots to young people aged 14-18

The Scouts work in partnership with the National Citizen Service Trust (NCS) to bring more young people skills for life.

NCS Trust are funding the Scouts to test two innovations: a development extension offer for NCS graduates (those who have completed the NCS programme) and an innovative Scout led NCS programme. The initiatives themselves will not only offer exciting experiences for young people. They’ll also support us in our learning for work on the 14-25 and adult journey elements of our strategy.

More information will be available soon.

About NCS Trust

NCS was founded to help young people achieve their potential and build bridges between communities. Every year, they empower teenagers aged 15-17 by offering them the opportunity to build new skills and develop their confidence through residential programmes.

Interested in supporting the Scouts?

Contact the Trusts team to learn more about our partnerships with trusts and foundations, and to explore how your trust could support our work. We'd be delighted to hear from you.