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The Institution of Engineering and Technology

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) aims to enthuse younger generations into developing a love of engineering and technology.

The UK is suffering a worrying shortfall of technicians and engineers and domestic companies are struggling to find new recruits with the skills and practical experience. The thinking and problem-solving skills that are developed through scouting are exactly the sort of skills businesses and universities will be looking for further down the line.

Badge and resources

The IET have produced an activity pack designed to guide Leaders and Scouts through the requirements of the Scout Electronics Activity Badge. This pack will give Scouts an insight into how the devices and appliances that shape our lives actually work, and also gives them practical, hands-on experience of electronics.


Keen to get stuck in? Download these resources:

IET Scout Electronics Badge Activity Pack
PDF – 1.8MB
IET Scout Electronics Badge Leader's Notes
PDF – 1.5MB

More activities:

Make Do Share Winter 2015 Make A Night Light Activity Sheet
PDF – 561.4KB
Make Do Share – Spring 2016 Make A Quiz Game
PDF – 185.4KB
Make Do Share – Spring 2016 Make A Quiz Game Grid Template
PDF – 88.4KB
Make Do Share – Spring 2016 Make A Quiz Game Circuit Diagram
PDF – 117.2KB
Make Do Share Autumn 16 Brush Robots Activity
PDF – 5.8MB
Make Do Share Winter 16 Wire A Plug Activity
PDF – 3.8MB
Make Do Share Winter 17 Conductive Dough
PDF – 1.3MB
Make Do Share Summer 18 Potato Power!
PDF – 194.8KB
Make Do Share Winter 18 Shine On!
PDF – 242.1KB
Make Do Share Spring 18 Electric Dreams
PDF – 1.0MB
Make Do Share Spring 18 Electric Dreams Car Download
PDF – 952.2KB
IET Scouts Electronics Badge

Have you enjoyed working on this badge?

We live in a world full of engineering! Everything we do and use has had professional engineers involved in designing it or finding solutions to problems surrounding it and technicians making the engineers’ ideas a reality. If you enjoy undertaking the projects and activities in the Scout Electronics Badge activity pack, you may want to find out more about electronic engineering, other areas of engineering, the stories of people who work as engineers and how to become an engineer or technician yourself. For all this and more, visit

About the IET

The IET is a world-leading professional members’ organisation. They are a charity that works to support the engineering community, to raise awareness of engineering amongst the public and opinion formers and to encourage more young people to take up the wide range of fascinating and rewarding careers engineering offers.

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