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  • Introducing Phoebe Smith, our new Scout Adventurer



    A wild at heart writer with an eye for a great story, Phoebe Smith isn’t only an industry-leading adventure specialist, wild camping champion and broadcaster, but is now  your latest Scout Adventurer.

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  • Make a bug hotel


    Bug Hotel 2

    Mark World Earth Day by building a little hotel for our smaller legged friends.

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  • Treating each other well



    Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd, challenged Team UK to come up with ideas on how we can foster a culture of positivity and respect, helping us wear our values on our sleeves

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  • Paint a graffiti wall


    Graffiti Blog 1

    With street art possibly at its most popular in history, introduce young people to a different culture of art from the usual paint on canvas.

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  • How to run a Scout allotment: part 1



    Welcome to my allotment blog following the highs and lows of running a Scout Allotment through the coming year at the 1st Stanway Scout Group in Colchester. My hope is to encourage volunteers, parents and Scouts alike to give gardening a go. Together, we can inspire the next generation of growers and green fingers! 

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  • Our favourite adventurer blogs



    A round-up of our favourite adventurer blogs, including  reflections on journeys from our very own Scouts and Scout Ambassadors. 

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  • Use your vote



    A big part of being a Scout is working together to make a better world. One of the ways adults do this is by participating in democracy. This activity teaches young people about the importance of voting and debating.

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  • Forest amnesty


    Forest Amnesty Blog

    Celebrate the lungs of our planet by taking part in a forest amnesty during this years International Day of Forests.

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  • Maths in nature



    As Scouts, we try to enjoy nature's splendour every day that we interact with it. Some of us are keen birdwatchers, others can tell an oak tree from a weeping willow, however all of us can see that nature is beautiful. For Pi Day, we try to break down some of the patterns in nature, and how they're really defined by mathematics.

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  • How active listening helps you be a great volunteer



    Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner explains how listening helps us live our values of care, respect and cooperation while supporting young people and volunteers 

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