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  • 5 ways Scouts encourage listening skills



    Listening is about far more than just hearing – it’s about understanding, responding to and remembering what someone is telling you. Recent YouGov research found that 91% of UK adults who stated an opinion think the Scouts help young people develop active listening skills – but how do we do it? Here are five practical ways that we develop listening skills at Scouts.

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  • 9 out 10 people say Scouts develop active listening as a skill for life


    New YouGov research has revealed that better listening is the key to happiness and productivity at home, work, and in wider society. Significantly, it has also revealed that more than 9 out of 10 UK adults believe Scouts helps young people to develop the active listening skills needed for success.

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  • Build a wiggle robot


    Robot Blog 5

    Now that technology has become more accessible and intuitive, introducing young people early in their development can be really beneficial. Building this robot teaches young people about multiple aspects of robotics.

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  • Make a little library


    Make A Library Blog

    Celebrate books and encourage access to them by building a little library for your local community.

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  • Interview with Anna Humphries


    Anna Blog 2

    We spoke to outdoor adventurer, Bear Grylls' Survival Academy instructor and GO Outside champion Anna Humphries to get her thoughts on working in the outdoors, social pressure on girls and who her favourite female hero is.

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  • Learn about pollution


    Pollution BLOG

    Sustainability only works if enough people take part, and the effects of living unsustainably can be devastating on the marine life that are at home in our oceans.

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  • Scouts say listening to each other is the key to a cohesive society



    New research from the Scouts shows that better listening, and listening more often, are the keys to a more cohesive society and a better working environment. Significantly, it has also revealed that more than 9 out of 10 UK adults believe that Scouts helps young people to develop these crucial listening skills.

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  • Fair play


    Fairtrade BLOG

    Encourage your young people to take notice of where their food comes from.

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  • Scouts’ urban survival guide



    As Scouts, we’re used to braving the elements. But what should our strategy be when faced with tricky situations in our cities and towns? We’ve put together this short survival guide for successfully navigating urban environments.

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  • Scouts on film


    Scouts On Film BLOG

    Learn how to make a helpful tutorial video, so you can share your skills with the world wide web.

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