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  • 10 ways to be a micro-volunteer



    You don’t have to give up a whole day – or even a whole hour – to make a difference. Share these ideas with your young people, for whenever they’ve got a spare few minutes to help make the world a better place

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  • Living our values


    Rhian Moore

    Being new into post of Chief Commissioner for Wales I am conscious of the impact I can have on people both intended and unintended, says Rhian Moore, that why I try to listen with empathy and challenge with courtesy. 

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  • The parent hack


    Laura Quick BLOG

    Illustrator and no-nonesense parent, Laura Quick, shares her top tips on raising young people, including diffusing tricky situations and holding in laughter when they swear.

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  • Blog | Excerpt from Ask an Astronaut by Tim Peake


    UK Space Banner

    Scout Ambassador Tim Peake gives sneak peek (!) at his recently released book, Ask an Astronaut.

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  • Scouting, #SkillsForLife and my career: Kiwi’s story


    Kiwi Blog Final

    When I first walked into 4th Hounslow’s Scout hut, little did I know that some 30 years later the values, skills and abilities learned there would be a vital part of my adult life...Being loud, talkative, fun-loving, active and above all, deeply passionate, were all attributes I had in abundance and so Scouting became my passion. Nurturing those characteristics in Scouting helped me become the person I am today. For this, I will always be truly grateful.

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  • Blog | Interview with Karen Darke



    The Scout Association is delighted to welcome Karen Darke – climber, adventurer, and gold medal winning paralympic hand cyclist - on board as our new Scout Adventurer. We called her on a rainy afternoon, to chat about ‘adventurous genes’, resilience, and why Scouting matters.

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  • My day shadowing the Chief Executive


    Youshape Blog

    2018 has officially begun and all across the country Scout halls are welcoming young people for another year of adventure. This can only mean one thing. YouShape month is just around the corner!  

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  • Supporting you to make Scouting more inclusive



    UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd explains why we are making the time and space to consider how we best support our volunteers with inclusion, so we continue to welcome young people of all backgrounds and abilities.

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  • Blog | Pride in Scouting



    UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd opens up about his personal experiences after attending this year's Birmingham Pride at the weekend.

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  • All kinds of minds: interview with Temple Grandin


    Temple Blog

    By openly talking about her experiences as a person on the autism spectrum, Temple Grandin is changing the way we see autism. Here, she gives advice on how to help all young people soar.

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