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  • RAF Scout takeover days: how to get involved



    This summer, a number of RAF takeover days are happening across the country, with RAF Ambassadors delivering a range of exciting workshops and activities to Scout groups, helping young people to achieve the Air Researcher Activity Badge, and introducing them to the opportunities available within the world of Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Read on to find out more about how to book a place, and to see how Scouts who took part last year felt.

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  • Young leader interview


    Young Leader Blog

    Lizzie Harvey is the Project Lead for the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ (ESYLs) Scheme Project Team. We spoke to her about the project, what it involves, and the updates we can look forward to seeing in the new and improved ESYL Logbook and Guidebook, launched on 28th May.

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  • Gift Aid


    Grimsby Boys

    How 1st Healing Scout Group in Grismby are bringing much-needed joy to victims of domestic abuse with  homemade gift bags.

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  • Badge support | Mechanic Activity Badges



    Perfect for problem-solvers and trailblazers, these Mechanic Activity Badges introduce young people to the wonderful world of engineering, equipping them with practical vehicle maintenance skills, and developing their ability to think logically and critically along the way.

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  • Digital skills for life


    Digital Maker Blog Lead

    Today we’re launching a new partnership between the Scouts and the Raspberry Pi Foundation that will help tens of thousands of young people learn crucial digital skills for life. 

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  • School of thought



    By working in partnership with a local primary school, 1st Dings in Bristol thought they had simply found themselves a home. Little did they know that in doing so they’d be making strides towards community cohesion and offering a whole host of new opportunities to local parents

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  • Supporting young people to move on to the next section


    Supporting Young People To Move On By Making Connections

    Here is some useful information to help you transition your young people into the next section.


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  • Announcing our new strategy: Skills for Life


    Blog 2

    Today we are incredibly proud to introduce our 2018-2023 strategy: Skills for Life: Our plan to prepare better futures.

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  • A vibrant new brand and identity for the Scouts


    Blog 1

    A new brand and visual identity for the Scouts goes live today, focusing on skills for life as our key benefit. 

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  • 10 good things to know about our new brand


    Brand Blog 1 1

    On 15 May we launched our new strategy, Skills for Life, along with a vibrant new brand. Deputy UK Chief Commissioner Kester Sharpe explains how our focus on skills for life can help us attract more volunteers, and why we will continue to wear our World Scout Membership Badge with pride.

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