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  • Developing Scouting for younger children


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    We know from research that key skills and attitudes are formed in the early years of life. Already, Scouts around the world are exploring how they can work with children at a younger age. It's a critical time to master essential skills for progression in later life.


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  • Use your vote


    A big part of being a Scout is working together to make a better world. One of the ways adults do this is by participating in democracy. This activity teaches young people about the importance of voting and debating.

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  • Learn about pollution


    Pollution BLOG

    Sustainability only works if enough people take part, and the effects of living unsustainably can be devastating on the marine life that are at home in our oceans.

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  • Scouts on film


    Scouts On Film BLOG

    Learn how to make a helpful tutorial video, so you can share your skills with the world wide web.

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  • Understanding behaviour


    Promoting positive behaviour is fundamental to holding successful Scout meetings. We spoke to a couple of experts on the subject of understanding what behaviour means and how to best manage challenging behaviour.

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  • Play human battleships


    Battleships BLOG

    Battleships teaches young people how to read grids and graphs, as well as being a fun activity.

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  • Make a New Year tree


    CNY Blog 3

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with your young people by making a commemorative tree.

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  • New International Commissioner appointed


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    As many members will already be aware, our International Commissioner, Jack Maxton, will soon come to the end of his term, after a very successful period in post.  

    Back in November 2018, we started recruiting for Jack’s successor, and we’re delighted to announce that Callum Kaye – our current Deputy International Commissioner  – will be taking on the role for the next 3 to 5 years. 

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  • A marathon effort



    Scout Adventurer Sean Conway is no stranger to running. He’s already completed two ultra-events, which were both over 800 miles long, but strangely he has never run a marathon.

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  • World Wetlands Day


    Child Umbraco Media Image
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  • Share skills


    Share Skills Blog 1

    Scouts equips young people with the skills they need to succeed in life. This activity encourages young people to share any special skills they have with their peers.

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