DIY scarves for World Scarf Day

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Scout Scarf Day is celebrated on 1 August to commemorate the first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island in 1907. The day is a chance for Scouts – young and old – to wear their scarves through the day in the spirit of Scouts. The scarf is reminder that in line with the Scout Promise, we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it.


Scout Leader and RST Growth and Development Officer Liz Curran is most certainly on that mission. Passionate about sharing the benefits of Scouts, she works tirelessly to get new groups up and running in deprived areas. In areas worst hit by social hardships like poverty and crime, she’s committed to giving people opportunities to develop their skills and to create a strong sense of community through Scouts.


While getting one particular group off the ground, Liz stumbled upon a challenge. For leaders and young people new to Scouts who may be dealing with financial challenges, buying a pricy uniform and a Scout scarf isn’t always feasible.


But Liz is a problem-solver; find her a challenge and she’ll give you a solution. She wanted her new cohort to feel fully part of Scouts when making their promise. And so, she bought a big white sheet from a store, cut it into squares and then folded each square into a load of DIY Scout scarves. She gave one to each young person and said they could feel free to decorate them.


They drew dinosaurs and butterflies, wrote their names, and filled their white fabric squares with rainbows and colours. With little more than a sheet and some coloured felt tips, Liz created a DIY scarf crafting activity. In the process, she got the brand-new group geared up and ready to go. Wearing with their very own customised Scout scarves, together they could make their individual Scout Promises with even more pride.  


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