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Encourage young people to think about what makes them unique and share their talents. 

This activity contributes towards the following badges:

Beaver My Skills Challenge Award

Cub Team Leader Challenge Award

Scout Team Leader Challenge Award

This activity could also help towards:

Beaver Creative Activity Badge

Cub Entertainer Activity Badge

Cub Our Skills Challenge Award

Scout Skills Challenge Award

Time: 60 minutes. Could be spread over two sessions.

Equipment: Dependent on skills.


1) Ask the young people to think about what makes them unique. Is there anything they’re especially good at? Do they have any interests or skills they could share with the section? These could be things like circus skills, speaking a language they have learned, or doing tricks with a yo-yo, but the more unusual the better. You or your Explorer Scout Young Leader could even show them a skill of your own to get the ball rolling!

2) Next (or the following week if young people need to bring in specific equipment), give everyone a few minutes to practise their skills on their own. At the same time, ask them to think about how they would explain the skill or teach it to their peers, so that they might be able do it as well.


Share Skills Blog 2


3) Divide the young people into pairs. One young person in each pair will show the other their skill and then try teaching it to them.

4) After 10 minutes, tell each pair to swap over so the other young person has a chance to share their skill. Every 10 minutes, mix up the pairs and the process begins again.

5) Discuss with your group the concept of uniqueness, identity and individuality – what makes each person special? How did they feel learning something new from a fellow young person? What were the benefits or challenges? How did it make them feel to share their skill – did they experience pride, self-respect, etc? Explain that it may have been hard to learn someone else’s skill but that’s okay because they have their own skills and everyone is different.

Take it further

Scouts could teach skills to parents or carers, especially if they are Scouting skills. This could be part of the Group AGM or similar.

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