Parliament Week 2018


This week is the eighth annual UK Parliament Week (12th to 18th of November). The event was begun to inspire interest in parliament, politics and democracy, and seeks to encourage the public in general and young people in particular to engage with the UK’s democratic system and institutions.

This year, events will be coordinated with Parliament’s ‘Vote100’ campaign in order to celebrate a special anniversary. 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of women with property being able to vote in the UK, and all men getting the vote; previously no women could vote and only men with property were able to.

As Scouts, we believe in caring for our communities and preparing young people with skills for life, so we’re proud to be partnered with UK Parliament Week. Being civic minded, helping where you can, and using your voice are all important parts of being a Scout.

SocStats surveyed 4,374 young people last year - both Scouts (3,971) and non-Scouts (403) – and from their survey we learnt that Scouts are 26% more likely to vote in their next eligible election than non-Scouts. Besides that, 29% of our young people are more confident playing an active role in their communities than their non-Scout peers, and 78% feel a greater responsibility to help out in their local communities.

To mark the week, UK Parliament Week have some suggestions for what kind of event you could put on or go to - and send your local MP an invite, in case they’re able to make it also:

  • Hold an information stand, you can find resources for this on the UK Parliament Week website made especially for Scouts, with guidance on how to claim badges
  • Put on a UK Parliament Week quiz which you’ll be able to download from the Parliament Week website (you could use it in full, or pick a round if you’d prefer)
  • Create a book, document, or artefact display of topical items relating to Parliament
  • Organise a discussion group about a topic relating to parliament week, which could also be personal to your organisation
  • Have a formal panel discussion with an audience Q&A
  • Hold a mock parliamentary debate (for which an online participation pack will be available to download)
  • Invite a person or group who’ve engaged with Parliament to give a talk – and ask them to share their experience (for example, someone who’s given evidence to a committee, why it was important and how they found the experience)
  • Show a film and arrange a topical discussion afterwards

All events and activities need to support UK Parliament Week’s aims of engaging, exploring and empowering people.

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