Chief Scout and Chief Ambassador for World Scouting

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By Bear Grylls

When I became Chief Scout it was one of the proudest moments of my life. And with every passing day since then I have become ever more inspired by the tireless dedication our leaders and volunteers put in to preparing our young people with skills for life. 

From huge Jamborees to a Beaver Scout enjoying a brilliant programmes on a Tuesday night, every moment of Scouting given is so precious. Together we build positive memories for thousands of young people and endeavour to equip them with skills for life. 

As volunteers we try to pass on our skills, experience and our example. By living the Scouting values of care, cooperation, respect, integrity and belief you are all such shining lights for our young people. Thank you for setting hundreds of thousands of young people on the right path.

Together we have grown our movement (increasing our numbers for 13 years in a row), helped other people in our communities (thanks to your million hands) given young people the voice they deserve and welcomed so many new communities to Scouting. 

It’s all about delivering chances to young people where they are needed most. This work continues and I am so proud to be with you every step of the way as your Chief Scout.

This week I am also taking on an additional role as Chief Ambassador for World Scouting. This is about bringing adventure and life skills to young people not just in the UK but all around the world as well.

The role is obviously a huge privilege but I wanted to reassure our amazing UK Scouting family that this is not replacing my role as UK Chief Scout. In that sense, nothing is changing. 

This new role is simply about the chance to build on the incredibly positive reach that we have here in the UK and extend it to millions of young people in almost every country on earth.

We are all part of this global Scouting family, this force for good, some 50 million Scouts strong, and I want the UK to remain at the heart of that. 

As the original home to all of worldwide Scouting, the UK Scouting family has always been a shining beacon and inspiration to many. And I love how we are all connected together through an incredible membership network of 169 National Scout Organisations. 

One of my first tasks as Chief Ambassador, will be to represent us at an event at the United Nations headquarters to launch Scouts for SDGs – a mobilisation of 50 million Scouts, with the goal of making the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

These Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint to creating a better world. Scouting is a rock of stability in a changing era, and never before have so many Scouts come together around a positive global engagement of this scale. That’s a great thing.

I continue to be so proud to represent UK Scouting and my goal remains the same: to encourage and stand up for you and our young people in all we do. To show the value of courage and kindness and never giving up. Thank you for allowing me the great honour of being part of our incredible Scouting family.

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