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A Scout Jamboree is an incredible experience that shouldn’t be missed, but because of the trip’s cost, it can require a lot of fundraising. However, fundraising can be a Scout adventure of its own, as the Jupp and Lane families found out when three of their young Scouts were invited to the 24th World Jamboree. 

Facing costs of £3,600 per Scout, the families organised a successful cake sale but they felt like something was missing: the event had no real message. And so, the two Explorer Scouts challenged themselves to use their combined passions for product design and food technology to make a custom 3D printed cookie cutter that imprinted the Scouts logo on every cookie. 

At their first bake sale with the new cutters, the Scouts made £500 in 45 minutes and started getting requests from other people to sell the cutters! What started as a fundraising venture is now a registered business, and the cookie cutters are soon to be supplied in Scout Store so anyone can hold a Jupp-Lane-inspired bake sale.

If you have a fundraising target of your own and want to get started, here are some tips on how you can take fundraising to the next level and reach your goal.

Consider your skills

Think of what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Fundraising should be an opportunity to showcase your talents and engage in what you love to do. 

  • If you love music, hold a concert and charge for tickets.
  • If you love sports, set yourself a sponsored challenge.
  • If you have a crafting skill, consider making something to sell. 

Be as creative as you can. If you struggle to think up ideas yourself, host a brainstorming session with your friends, family and lots of snacks. Mind map ideas until you find that lightbulb moment!

Never be afraid to ask

Ask people for their support and be confident. Talk about why you want to go to the Jamboree and what this means to you; make a reasonable ask that is a fair amount for what you are offering, but that’s enough to help you reach your goal. 

If you’re worried about asking people for support, think about what you can offer them in return. You could promise special souvenirs if you are travelling abroad, or make handwritten thank you cards. Make this part of your ask and make it clear that donations will be rewarded.

If you want to hold an event or make crafts, there may be costs involved that can limit your fundraising potential. Consider asking companies for a discount or find out if somebody you know has access to free event space or spare materials for example. Always look for opportunities across your network!

Promote it well

There are plenty of online opportunities to promote your fundraising. Not only do you have to consider the fundraising platforms like GoFundMe or JustGiving; you could consider these ideas too:

  • Set up an online sale. There are plenty of online marketplaces for you to sell crafts or second hand items. Consider setting up an Etsy store or list on eBay.
  • Create personal savings. Search for discount apps and start saving on your own day to day spending. If you’ve saved £20 on a new jacket, that could go into your fund.
  • Create a vlog or a blog about your fundraising. Be sure to share it on social media and send it to people who might be likely to support you.

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You can buy your fleur de lis biscuit stamp and cutter pack here:

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