Explorer Scout badges which help to develop empathy


Whether they’re working with members of their local community to initiate positive change or morphing into various characters on stage – here are just some of the many Explorer Scout badges which ask young people step into another’s shoes.

1. Community Impact Staged Activity Badge

This award produces the skills young people need to become active citizens by encouraging them to investigate some of the issues and challenges that exist in their chosen community and plan action, sharpening their ability to initiate change strategically and sustainably.                                                                

2. Leadership Activity Badge

By representing the views of their peers at forums and helping those in the younger sections to develop new skills, Explorer Scouts who pursue this badge will develop some of the key traits needed to grow into strong and empathetic leaders.

3. Global Issues Activity Badge

To gain their Global Issues Activity Badge, Explorer Scouts attempt to understand international issues and news through a more personal lens, whether that involves investigating the many factors that can lead to homelessness, reviewing how the media portrays migrants and immigrants, or practising empathy for those feeding their families on very little money, by spending three days living on food that costs no more than £2 a day, and documenting the experience.

4. Naturalist Activity Badge

As well as encouraging Explorers to marvel at the diverse wildlife and plants that surround them, this badge looks at the wider context of ecology and natural resource management, taking an in-depth look at how human activity – such as pollution, deforestation and new farming techniques – are affecting the wildlife we so cherish.

5. Performing Arts Activity Badge

Explorers who decide to pursue acting for this badge will know that the craft itself is ultimately about portraying another person—and sometimes becoming them. Often, what starts as a fun way to play pretend becomes a way to understand people and what motivates them. Similarly, working as part of a band or stage crew can enhance young people’s ability to work collaboratively and understand one another, boosting their empathy in the process. 

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