Play the blues

October 2018

For: Beavers | Cubs | Scouts | Explorers | Network 

Help your Section to discover different types of music of black origin and create their own.

Time: 60 minutes


  • different instruments like bongos, güiros, guitars, steel drums, keyboards, bass, etc, and/or:
  • homemade instruments that the young people make out of recycled materials, such as yoghurt pot shakers or tissue box guitars


1. Have a discussion with your young people about different types of music of black origin, like R&B, rap, reggae, jazz and blues. Where did they come from? Why do they sound like they do? What are their cultural origins?

2. Play some examples of music from this playlist: blackhistorymonthplaylist then ask your section what their favourites are and why. Do they sound familiar or like the music they would listen to?

3. Next, ask the young people to work in groups to create their own pieces of music, incorporating one musical style they just heard.

Take it further

Put your young musicians’ memories to the test with a quiz. Read the descriptions and play parts of the songs in the playlist to see if they can identify the types of music. Download the information here: For more information about Black History Month, visit

This activity contributes to the following badges:

Beaver Creative Activity Badge

Beaver My Skills Challenge Award

Beaver Teamwork Challenge Award

Cub Global Issues Activity Badge

Cub Entertainer Activity Badge

Scout Entertainer Activity Badge

The activity could also help towards:

Musician Staged Activity Badge

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