With October fast approaching, why not mark All Hallow's Eve with a spooky expedition?  


" /> With October fast approaching, why not mark All Hallow's Eve with a spooky expedition?  


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Activity: go on a ghost walk

With Halloween fast approaching, why not mark the occasion with a spooky expedition? This frightfullly fun ghost walk is suitable for Scouts, Explorers and Network members alike. 

Time: 90 minutes 


■ 90 minutes torches

local/UK maps

books/info about local/

UK ghosts and ghouls

cameras/phones (optional)

video recorders (optional)



craft props (optional)

hi-vis reflective clothing


1. Talk to your young people about the origins of Halloween and the way its traditions have changed over the years. What do they think about Halloween? Do they celebrate it and if so, how? Have a discussion about the concept of ghosts and spirituality, and also how different faiths perceive ghosts and what happens to people’s spirits when they are no longer living.

2. Before running the rest of the activity, make sure that all your young people are comfortable with the topic, as you don’t want anyone to get too scared.

3. Tell them about a few of the most haunted places around the world. Ask them if they know any haunted places or stories. They can then plan an expedition to a local haunted place, or a ghost walk in the local area. They should plan the route themselves, thinking about hazards, and consider places of interest or stopping points to tell ghost stories.

4. More adventurous sections could plan a spooky waterborne expedition – British Canoeing has maps of ghoulish trips where you might see a ghost ship, or a ghostly figure crossing a haunted aqueduct. For advice on how to run these activities safely, go to: scouts.org.uk/a-z.

5. After the expedition, you could encourage the young people to tell spooky stories and see whose story is the scariest.

Take it further

Scouts could dress up in costumes and share the expedition on video by making their own scary short film, or through taking photographs. Scouts could plan an exploration on this theme for their Expedition Challenge Award and Explorers as practise for their Explorer Belt.

Badge links

This activity could help towards the following badges: 

Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge

Time on the Water Staged Activity Badge

Scout Photographer

Scout Local Knowledge Activity Badge

Scout Expedition Challenge Award

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