Dealing with disappointment

Deflated Football

With the World Cup dominating our screens for the last few weeks, it’s only natural that some of our young people might be disappointed by last night’s loss. We’ve put together some advice and programme ideas to put a smile back on everyone’s faces. 

Firstly, take a look at the information here on promoting positive behaviour in your section. Remember to use positive language when discussing the match and the behaviour of the players, and set some boundaries at the beginning of your meeting if you think tempers might run high. Your young people need to know what’s expected of them and what’s inappropriate. 

Remind your young people of their Code of Behaviour and Scout Values, and offer praise and recognition where possible. Be realistic, too – even if it’s not because of the World Cup, it’s likely that at some point you’ll have a challenging section meeting. 

When things get tricky: 

  • Do a different activity for a few minutes and go back to what you were saying later. 
  • Sit your young people down and get them to try to time a minute in silence. When they think a minute is over, they can stand up. 
  • Do a short burst of physical activity like running round the room, playing a game of Simon Says, or seeing how high they can jump in the air. 

Make sure you stay calm, and speak firmly but quietly. Your focus should be on de-escalating the situation and maintaining a safe environment.

There’s more information on promoting positive behaviour here. You can also find some information about emotional wellbeing, which might be helpful. 

Feeling inspired? 

Your young people might still have World Cup fever, so we’ve put together some ideas and themes to try on camp this summer or in the next couple of weeks before you break up. 

It’s a good time to talk to your young people about developing their understanding of other countries and cultures. We have over 31 million members worldwide in 216 countries. Maybe they’d like to work towards their International Activity Badge – you can find resources here.

You could also talk about health and fitness. The Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge, Cub Physical Recreation Activity Badge or the Scout Physical Recreation Activity Badge are all good places to start. 

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