Recipe: Allergen-free bonfire banana boats


Happy National Chocolate Day, dear reader. To celebrate with your young people, why not make some bonfire banana boats together?

This adapted version of the classic camp recipe is zero-fuss, zero-mess and totally delicious. Better still, it's allergen-free and suitable for all*. All you need is swap your usual milk chocolate filling for a dairy free version.

You will need (serves 15):

  • 15 Bananas
  • 30 squares of dairy-free dark chocolate (plus extra for the chocaholics!)


  1. Slice the bananas lengthways – leaving their skins intact.
  2. Cut a few horizontal slits into the bananas, without slicing all the way through.
  3. Fill the gaps with some squares of dairy-free dark chocolate. We recommend two-to-three squares of chocolate per head.
  4. Wrap the banana in foil and place it into hot embers for 10-or-so minutes.
  5. Await the results, carefully checking the foil regularly to avoid burning.
  6. Eat when the skins have blackened and the chocolate has melted.

* The recipes is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, celery-free, nut-free, vegan, halal and kosher


A note on allergens

Please double check the recipes and ingredients listed here for any allergens and always consult with your young people and with their parents/guardians before cooking with your Group or section, in case there are any allergies you are unaware of. You should be especially careful when dealing with any severe allergies within the Group. In extreme cases, cross contamination can be just as harmful as consumption itself. Additional advice is available at



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