10 things we love: How you’re using our new brand and visual identity across the UK

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We all know that Scouts don’t waste a minute and you’ve certainly proved that in the month or so since the introduction of our new Skills for Life strategy and visual identity. Here are some of the best examples of early adopters we’ve seen. Inspiring stuff. 

1.     Wrexham Scouts’ website

A huge well done to Wrexham Scouts for their new look website. They’re using a personalised, linear version of the logo created on the new Scout brand centre. As a District in Wales, they’re also using Scout Red as the background colour, showing they are part of ScoutsCymru. The images show fun and adventure while conveying a sense of belonging. It’s also great to see our skills for life message featuring so prominently – although it’s still in the old font. The reason, it transpires, is that it’s the cover of their latest annual report, so they’re forgiven. Great work, team!

1 Wrexham

2.     Surrey Scouts’ video and social media 

It appears that the equally amazing volunteers at Surrey Scouts have not slept since the brand roll out on 15 May. They’ve produced this lovely film, which is a fast moving montage of fun and adventurous activities, while not forgetting to talk about our key benefit: #SkillsForLife. If we were to be a critic, we’d prefer there not to be a block of colour behind the word Scouts at the start of the video, but let’s not nit-pick. 

The team has updated its profile picture with a simple clean fleur de lis on a purple background in line with UK brand guidelines. We also like how they’ve called themselves, ‘Surrey Scouts,’ which is friendly and approachable and we love the line explaining what they do: it does what it says on the tin. 


Their Facebook is equally impressive, with a localised stack logo over a video showing fun, adventure and diversity across the County. Clearly communicating our messages they’re a great example to other counties thinking of making the switch. Remember you’ve got until May 2020 to make the transition.  

Wrexham 3

3.     Your 10-second guide to the branding changes

This ingenious post, shared by @RWHinchcliffe also caught our eye on the day of the strategy and brand roll-out. While we will have to deduct one point because it doesn’t mention our key benefit, skills for life, it does provide a handy guide to the change to our visual identity, and the minor updates to the section logos. Most importantly, it clearly shows that there is no change to the World Scout membership badge worn by all uniformed young people and adults in Scouts. 

4 Ten Second Guide

4.     Scout Store website and social media 

Are we allowed to give a shout out to our friends at Scout Store? Why not? They’ve done a brilliant job launching their new responsive website. Their smart new visual identity uses a Scout Navy and Scout Green colour combination and dovetails with the main Scout brand, providing a seamless experience for members. They’ve also updated their tone of voice to make it friendlier and more accessible with ‘the official store of the Scouts’ and the call to action: ‘Do more in 2018.’ 

5 Scout Store

5.     West Lancashire Scouts logo and Instagram  

More good work from West Lancashire Scout County who’ve got their local identity spot-on with a purple stack logo in the UK colour with their name below (with no need to mention the word ‘County’). Still more work to do on website and other materials, but this is a really good example of how you can get up and running quickly and easily using the logo generator on the brand centre.  


Their Instagram is also super–inspiring. Just take a look at this:   


6.     Scouts Scotland social media 

Congratulations to the team at Scouts Scotland who have already updated their social media with the new identity. They’re using the Scout Blue, which is the agreed nation colour for Scotland and have a brilliant image on their banner showing that great sense of belonging we feel in Scouts.  


7.     #SkillsForLife profile picture 

A big thumbs up to Liz Curran for using Burton Scouts Facebook profile frame that caught the mood of the day on 15 May. No shortage of fun and adventure here, and the #SkillsForLife hashtag is loud and proud.   


8.     New name badge – City of Coventry 

Well done Andy for being one of our brand champions in Coventry, wearing your new name badge with pride. It also proves you can mention #SkillsForLife almost anywhere. Remember, the more people who understand that this is our key benefit of Scouting, the more support we will attract. The badges are available to personalise and order on the Scout brand centre at £3.50 each. 


9.     Scouts N.I. pull up banners

Good to see Scouts N.I. using the Scout brand centre to create a set of pull up banners for their events. There’s some high impact use of colour and logo, along with a more conventional banner using the call to action: ‘Do more. Share more. Be more.’ They also used one of the vibrant images from the image library on the brand centre. 


10.  Sevenoaks District website 

Full marks to Sevenoaks in Kent, who are using the linear version of the logo in the correct purple, alongside a classic Scout Purple and Scout Teal colour combination on their District website.


They’ve also updated the section logos.


Sevenoaks have mentioned skills in their copy, however our only top tip would be to make ‘Skills for Life’ clearer, perhaps as a header or as copy on the banner. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers who have embraced the changes to our visual identity so far, and good luck to all of you who are still considering these with your team. You’re doing such a great job. 

Take a look at the Brand Activation Guide on the Scout Brand Centre and register on the brand centre for tools and resources to get you up and running today.  

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