My Wear Their Necker experience: shadowing the Acting UK Commissioner for Programme


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We spoke to 18-year-old Stirling who took on the role of Acting UK Commissioner for Programme as part of the Wear Their Necker campaign.

As part of the Wear Their Necker campaign, I was lucky enough to be selected to attend the West Midlands Programme Forum where I took on Graeme Hamilton’s role as Acting UK Commissioner for Programme.

Graeme allowed me to get stuck in straight away. I felt privileged to be able to present the key findings from last year’s forum in front of all the West Midlands Commissioners, and to see what had changed and improved in the area over time.

The rest of the day was spent attending workshops, where I was able to engage in interesting discussions about how Scout Network can be further rolled out and developed. It was interesting to see how much Network varies throughout the UK. For example, I learned that the Assistant County Commissioners in Warwickshire already had an established Network group to work on, which was a contrast to Birmingham, where Network is less developed.

My second workshop was all about Youth Shaped Scouting. We discussed the role young people can play in developing the best possible programme for them, as well as the Youth Commissioner roles. We all agreed that offering  young people the opportunity to plan what they want to do, and giving them the responsibility to take action, is the best way to inspire new ideas.

Projects like Wear their Necker are another way of engaging young people like myself, giving us a sense of ownership over what happens in our Counties. It was a highly insightful day. I loved every moment, and I’ll definitely be looking into the current volunteering roles available at Scout HQ!

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