Seven awesome activities to make this half term your best yet


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Half term. Seven days of possibility. Seven days of potential boredom, waiting to be filled with fun.

If you’re tired of pleading with your children that ‘only the boring people get bored’; tired of watching them waste away in front of screens; tired of the finger drumming, and the hair pulling, and the clock-watching – then these seven activities are for you! Happy holidays!


Monday: Become a tourist in your hometown, with this penny play date activity!




The rules are simple. Go for a walk or a drive with your little explorer, and flip a coin to see where you’ll both end up.

There are no expectations here. The very point of a penny play date is that you simply see what happens, exploring your neighbourhood and making the most of whatever you find.

Nobody is disappointed if something doesn’t go as planned, because nothing is planned. You might discover an ugly plot of land, or you might uncover a hidden gem, hiding in plain sight. Heads or tails, this is guaranteed to give busy minds a much-needed rest, teaching kids a valuable lesson about the value of spontaneity in an increasingly ordered world.



Tuesday: Build a fruit salad solar system, and see space unfold in your living room!


Fruit And Veg Solarsystemresize


Grasp the ungraspable! This hands-on exercise looks at some of the main differences between the four inner terrestrial planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and the four giant outer planets; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Using the contents of your fruit bowl, you and your child can discuss the contrasting structures and compositions within our mind-boggling planetary system. Best of all, you can eat this experiment afterwards!



Wednesday: Make your own thermometer and learn all about how heat works!


Make A Thermometerresize


Thermometers tell us much about the world; diagnosing sickness and health, helping meteorologists study climate change, and keeping our food sources safe. Make your own in this fun STEM experiment! Perfect for developing logic and encouraging curiosity, it's also super easy and super fun to complete!



Thursday: Record your own stopanimation movie, using a smartphone and some props!


 DIY Film School Illustrationresize


It’s rumoured that the legendary cinema pioneer and illusionist Georges Méliès accidentally discovered stop motion animation when his camera mysteriously jammed. Upon restarting it, he noticed how everything in the room had subtly changed, and that by deliberately disrupting the process, he could make objects dance and move in the most peculiar and enchanting way. Try it for yourself, and watch as everyday objects spring to life! 


Friday: Stick googly eyes on inanimate objects, and photograph the hilarious results!





Eyebombing is the art of sticking googly eyes on inanimate objects, in order to brighten even the dreariest of everyday humdrum. From withered trees and rusty lamp posts, to overflowing trash cans and ugly stains, to public toilet seats and dingy city streets – even the most mundane things can be jarringly, gloriously brought to life. All you need is a little imagination. Try it during half term. You'll be amazed at how much colour it can add to a rainy Friday. 


Saturday: Excavate the dinosaurs from their icy prison!



This roaring excavation activity will brighten the rainiest of days, and teach kids about the nature of paleontology, extinction, and conservation in the process. All you need is access to a freezer, some water, a bowl, a shovel, and some toy dinosaurs!



Sunday: Relax before school starts again, with this Sunday night story yoga activity


Story Yogaresize 


Pretend to be a seed! Sway like a tree! Flap your legs like the wings of a butterfly! In a world where distraction and overstimulation reign supreme, yoga offers some welcome sanctuary amidst the chaos. Try these simple poses with your child, and reap the rewards together. It's the perfect end to the week, and the perfect precursor to the looming new term. 



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