Celebrate St. David's Day with these wonderfully Welsh activities!



March is around the corner, which means St. David's Day is fast approaching for those who celebrate the life of the patron saint of Wales. 

From paper daffodils to poetry jenga, here are four fun activities to try with your young people. Happy St. David's Day, everyone! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus, pawb! 


Beavers: Make a paper daffodil

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Meaning: The daffodil is a national symbol, and the flower's springtime arrival coincides perfectly with St. David’s Day. A more unusual link is that daffodils are grown commercially in Mid Wales to produce galantamine for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.




Cubs: Make a sock puppet dragon

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Meaning: The Welsh flag, featuring a red dragon on a green and white background, is one of only three national flags to display a mythological creature, the other two being the Snow Lion flag of Tibet and the Thunder Dragon flag of Bhutan. Armed with a dollop of glue and a dash of imagination, Cubs can make their very own fire-breathing friend out of old socks, and use the puppet as part of their Entertainer Badge performances if they so wish.


Sock Puppet Dragonresize


Scouts: Build a cardboard castle

Meaning: Wales is often referred to as the ‘castle capital of the world’, and it’s easy to see why. The country is home to some of Europe's finest surviving examples of medieval castle construction. To celebrate Wales this St. David's Day, why not challenge your Scouts to construct their very own fortresses? For extra inspiration, print off some examples from the Welsh castle database and ask Scouts to recreate their favourites, or to design their own dream dwellings from scratch. To take the activity even further, Scouts could write their own short stories about the history of each castle, and the people (or mythical creatures!) who inhabited them.



Explorers: Play a game of poetry jenga

Meaning: In Welsh culture, an eisteddfod is a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. To celebrate the written word, why not bring the tradition into your meeting place? Poetry jenga is a literary twist on the classic game, guaranteed to get everyone’s creative juices flowing! Simple write various words onto the jenga blocks, and challenge each Explorer Scout to create their own poem, story or song related to that word. You'll be amazed at the combinations they come up with!






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