13 ways to Scoutify your working day



28th January is Fun at Work Day! To celebrate, here are 13 ways to Scoutify your 9-5, from lunchtime hikes to office ice-breakers and desk dens.

 1. Wake up early to watch the sun rise before the work day begins.

2. Host a Hungry Hungry Hippos tournament at your next team away day. 

3. Organise a scavenger hunt around the office, with prizes for the winners!

4. Take the time to go on a mini hike during your lunch break. Bonus points if you can hug a tree along the way. 

5. Bring a Scout-themed picnic in for lunch, and introduce your unknowing non-Scout colleagues to the joy of the dough twist!

6. Transfer your Scout ice-breaker activities to the workplace.

7. Gain skills for life by turning your commute into a learning opportunity. Whether you choose to pass time on the train completing a simple sudoku puzzle or crossword, or to learn a new language in the car, or challenge yourself to read one novel a week on the bus, there are a wealth of ways to pass the time more meaningfully. 

8. If you commute to work on public transport, why not designate one morning a month to do it all of your Scout Programme planning on the way in and back? This could help to reduce stress, and will give you something to look forward to. 

9. Listen to nature sounds at your desk, and pretend you're on a dream expedition. Where would you go? What would you see? 

10. Struggling to raise money for an upcoming excursion? Why not host an office bake sale, with any funds raised feeding back into your Scouting? 

11. Make stress balls with your young people, and keep one on your desk for trying times. 

12. Repurpose our fun Getting to Know You resource (p38). Just ask your workmates to fill it in at your next big meeting or team away day, and see what interesting new facts and unexpected stories you can find out about them!

13. Build a blanket fort beneath your desk.  

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