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Fundraising is high on the agenda for many Scout Groups, with the need to raise cash for camps, activities and HQ upkeep. It can be a challenge to find exciting new ways to fundraise, so get inspired and read about savvy Scouts with ideas far beyond the collection box.

Dinosaur Dash 

Denmead Scout Group’s annual Dinosaur Derby (pictured above) has been going strong for over 20 years. Last year, over 2,000 people came to enjoy the famed races, where painted wooden dinosaurs are pulled by ropes along a 100-metre course. Local businesses sponsored the event, which also featured traditional stalls and sideshows – and it raised a grand total of £5,000 for Scouting.

Memorabilia hire

Doctor Who devotee and Assistant Scout Leader Tom Nichols charges sci-fi fans to stay at his house, which is filled with a huge collection of memorabilia including Daleks and replica costumes. He also hires out his own Tardis to weddings and cosplay events, raising funds for Third Upton Scout Group.

Quirky fundraising blog Dr Who

Penny mile 

17th Reigate (St Joseph’s) raised a mile of pennies to build a new Scout HQ. Asked to collect 250kg worth of coins, the young people searched for change behind sofas or exchanged notes at the bank. They narrowly missed out on the world record for laying the fastest mile of coins but their collected cash raised £1,000. 

Quirky fundraising blog penny mile


Rolleston Scout Group has held an open air concert called Rollestonbury every year for the last 10 years. The profit from the concert is used primarily to keep the Scout HQ and land in tip top condition and to give Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and leaders the best experience of Scouting possible, and it also pays the gas and electric bill.  


Duck race 

Some people would say they’re 'quackers' but 1st Grundisburgh Scout Group’s annual duck race raised an impressive £3,000 last year. Visitors buy their favourite plastic duck – and while encouraging it over the finishing line, enjoy duck-themed activities including a tombola and cake sale.

Quirky fundraising blog duck race

End-to-end cycle 

Cyclist and triathlete Chris Maudsley rode a recumbent trike all the way from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for Ingleborough Scouts HQ. Travelling at a pace of 14 miles an hour, he took 12 days to cover the distance and stayed with Scout leaders along the way. 

Quirky fundraising blog trike

Music festival

Joanne Parker, an Assistant Scout Leader from Swindon, organised ‘Scoutstock’ a mini music festival with local bands. Raising money through entrance fees, food and drink, the Group promoted local musical talent and got support from local music venues.

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