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The Northern Ireland Youth team and Cub team talk about an event they held in October called ‘CubShape’ Day.

On 14th October 2017 we held the Northern Ireland (NI) Cub Sixer and Seconder Day at Crawfordsburn Scout Centre. Over 160 Cubs attended the day led by the NI Cub team, Youth Commissioners and their teams, Explorers and Network members.

The aim of the day was to allow Cubs from around Northern Ireland to meet each other and have lots of fun. It is really important for Cubs to see that there’s more to Scouting than what they see week to week in their own Scout meeting places.

The Cubs were split into six groups moving around the bases. They took part in activities from crate climbing to bouldering, Lego woggle making to parachute games. There was a real variety! Mixed in with these outdoor activity and teamwork bases were Youth Shaped Scouting themed bases. Embedding Youth Shaped Scouting into everyday Scouting is essential and helps to make sure that the programme continues to be engaging, relevant and fun. This is what we were hoping to achieve.

The Youth Shaped games were led by Youth Commissioners, Explorers and Network members. Leaders were also given a briefing on the importance of Youth Shaped Scouting and how to support its implementation and use within the Cub section.

Adam Meikle, a County Youth Commissioner for County Londonderry, said: ‘As a Youth Commissioner, it was fantastic to see the Cubs shape their own programme by engaging with Youth Shaped games led by Explorers and young adults who I once knew as Cubs.’

One of the activities we used was ‘The Cool Wall’ activity (as featured in this year’s #Youshape activity inspirations pack) which saw the Cubs discuss the badges they like and don’t like by rating them on the ‘Cool Wall’. They rated the badges from ‘ice cold’ and ‘uncool’ (which were seen as negative) to ‘cool’ and ‘on fire’ (which were seen as positive). In total, there were over 420 differing views on the 58 badges.

Commenting on the success of the day, one Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Stephanie, said ‘My Cubs were given a platform to have their say in future events and were both refreshing and inspirational to see. My Cubs had a fantastic day!’

‘It was a day filled with enthusiasm, smiles, laughter, fun and friendships. An ambition and an energy to continue to shout about Scouts and encourage Youth Shaped Scouting across the whole of Northern Ireland.’ said Rhiannon Wells, Northern Ireland Youth Commissioner




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