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Before Christmas we set a competition for Scouts to come up with a great question for ESA Astronaut and Scout Ambassador, Tim Peake. Here are the amazing questions and Tim’s equally brilliant answers. 


Jack: If you found life beyond Earth, what’s the first question you would ask the alien?

Tim: Please tell me everything you know!


Alex: Does space end? If so, what do you think is at the end?

Tim: Great question. We think we have a pretty good idea about how the Universe began in a Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago, and that it is expanding into an infinity of nothingness. Infinity is a hard concept for humans to grasp - there is no end! 


Willow: What Scouting skill would help me most if I travel into space?

Tim: Definitely resourcefulness. In space you sometimes have to come up with solutions to problems that no one had previously thought about, and you only have a limited amount of stuff with you.


Dale: If you went on a mission to Mars and could only take 3 things from your home with you. What would you take and why?

Tim: Having watched the movie ‘The Martian’, I think a shovel, a bag of potatoes and some ketchup would be a good idea. The character Mark Watney survived pretty well on Mars eating just potatoes!


Benjamin: Which way is up in space?

Tim: You’re the boss in space, Benjamin - you pick ‘up’ as whichever way you want it to be :)


Congratulations to all our winners, who have each won a copy of Tim’s book.

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