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This Trustees’ Week, Chair of the Board Ann Limb talks about what it means to be a trustee and thanks the thousands of trustees who have worked tirelessly to support Scouting this year. 

Across the UK, there are many thousands of trustees working on behalf of Scouting. Each one has a special responsibility to provide the stability and good governance every charity needs in order to flourish. As Chair of The Scout Association’s Board of Trustees, I ask myself, what difference do I make as a trustee? For me, it comes down to five things: stewardship, scrutiny, strategy, support, and skills. 

It’s about ensuring the right procedures and policies and are in place to create a safe and secure environment.  It’s our role to ensure there is a clear plan for the future and that there is the right level of challenge and accountability.

Trustees on a local level play a crucial role in making sure that Scout Groups, Districts and Counties run effectively. They are there to ensure that the Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) of The Scout Association and the Safety Policy are followed. They also take on the important task of managing the Group/District/County’s finances and providing insurance for people, property and equipment.  Crucially, they also promote and support the development of Scouting in the local area and ensure that a positive image of Scouting is maintained in the local community.  

So this Trustees’ Week, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those hardworking Trustees across the UK who make sure Scouting runs smoothly and continues to grow.

I’d also like to encourage more young people to come forward and serve as Trustees – your energy and ideas are invaluable if we want to continue to help the next generation develop the skills to succeed in life. 

Being a Group or local Executive Committee member is an opportunity to use professional skills and experience to support the Movement in a meaningful way. It’s also a chance to acquire further skills and make a positive contribution to an organisation you believe in.

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