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In honour of Scout Community Month we shine a light on Scout Groups across the UK who are working on A Million Hands to tackle issues affecting their communities. This week we look at how, to fully understand their issue, 5th Douglas Scouts carried gallons of water on a 5km hike.

In the winter of 2015, the Scout section of 5th Douglas Scout Group on the Isle of Mann chose Clean Water and Sanitation as the issue they wanted to focus on for A Million Hands.

‘We held a youth forum where we set aside a whole evening for them to discuss the AMH issues in their patrols. We gave them all the information that was available and then ran a Dragon’s Den activity so the Patrols could present and vote on which issue they wanted to address’, says Scout Section Leader Malcolm Dear.  

Three out of four Patrols felt that everyone should have access to clean water and therefore voted for Clean Water and Sanitation.  With the issue now chosen, their next step was to understand the issue. 

The Scouts wanted to do their navigation badge on a hike and so decided to tie in their A Million Hands project. The leaders explained that in some parts of the world people often have to carry water long distances. In order to get a better understanding of this issue, they decided to do a 5km hike while carrying either bottles or buckets of water. 

One of the Scouts, George, pointed out that his bucket had a hole in it and he recognised how difficult it would be to survive if he only had one bucket with a hole in it.  Other Scouts wondered how people don’t get dysentery when their water is from questionable sources.

‘We felt the hike helped them to understand the issue and know what it would be like to have to walk miles and miles for access to water’, says Malcolm.

To take action, the Scout section is planning to fundraise for the joint WaterAid and Madagascan Scouts project. They want to help make a difference for young people who have to walk long distances to find a water supply and as a result, are missing out on an education.

Tell us about the action taken by your young people for A Million Hands. 


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