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Working towards these badges can be a great way for creative and outgoing young people to really shine while encouraging those who are shy or more reserved to come out of their shells and develop confidence.

These badges are an amazing way for young people to develop important soft skills like confidence, effective communication, teamwork and resilience.


Beavers – Creative Activity Badge

As part of their Creative Activity Badge, Beavers can choose what sort of performance they would like to do. They could prepare and then present a poem to their section, or perform a puppet show, a short play, a song or a dance. Why not give Beavers the opportunity to perform as part of their next campfire, or plan a special performance for parents/carers?  

These activities could also count towards the My Skills Challenge Award, which includes taking part in two creative activities, as well as learning a new song and singing it. 

Remember, it’s important to give the Beavers as much freedom as possible when they are getting creative – it’s a chance to explore their own ideas and let their imaginations run wild.

Cubs – Entertainer Activity Badge

In Cubs, the requirements are slightly more involved than in Beavers. For their Entertainer Activity Badge, Cubs choose two from a list of 10 fun activities, to entertain an audience. This could be their Six or the whole Cub Pack, or they could perform at home for friends or family.  They could produce a play or a mime and then perform it, or make some puppets and then perform a puppet show. They could also make some simple instruments and use them in a performance.  Learning and performing some magic tricks could be a fun alternative for Cubs who are keen to try something new.

These activities could also contribute towards the Our Skills Challenge Award.


Scouts – Entertainer Activity Badge

Scouts can build on their skills and interests, through the Entertainer Activity Badge.

If they’re working towards this badge, you might want to run some improv games with the section to get their creative juices flowing. 

Have a go at this one called ‘Mirror’:

Pair up the Scouts. One young person is the mirror and must copy everything the other young person does. A variation on this game is called Copy Cat. With Copy Cat, you can also add sounds that can be copied too.

If Scouts are interested in circus skills, they can also achieve their Circus Skills Activity Badge by learning two skills, like juggling, poi spinning or stilt walking. They don’t necessarily have to perfect these skills but they do need to show that they’ve put in the effort and improved their skills over time. Joining a circus skills workshop or course outside of Scouts would be good way to gain these skills.

Activities undertaken for these badges will likely also contribute towards the Creative Challenge Award.


Explorers – Performing Arts Activity Badge

Explorers work towards their Performing Arts Activity Badge over six months to a year. This will involve investing their time in a creative activity of their choice. They may want to join a band or perform in a show. A District or County organised Scout show is something a young performer may really value taking part in. It may be that a young person doesn’t want to perform and would rather be in the background, making sure everything goes according to plan. They can still be awarded their Performing Arts Activity Badge if they are part of a stage crew working on lighting, sound or props. These roles are just as valuable! 

Visit the Autumn 2016 issue of Scouting magazine to read about Scout shows.

Explorers could support younger sections to plan and take part in performances in order to develop their skills and experience. Supporting younger sections can also contribute towards their challenges for their Chief Scout’s Platinum, Chief Scout’s Diamond or Queen’s Scout Awards.


Network members can continue performing if they have discovered a love for being on stage! A range of virtual badges are available for Network members completing linked events or projects, which relate to the performing arts including Bands, Gang Show, Marching Bands, Musical Performances, Staged Performances.  You can find them all here:


For all sections

In theory, all sections can take part in a Scout show to work towards their badge. Scout shows are usually organised by the District or County. It’s worth chatting to the organiser about how your section can get involved and audition depending on their age. 

If there isn’t already one organised by the District and you’d like to put on a show in your District, there is plenty of guidance around how to run a staged performance  or musical performance. This can be found at

In addition, going to see a local Scout show is a really fun outing for everyone involved. This might get Scouts inspired and they’ll learn more about what’s involved in putting on a production. It’s also a great way to show your support to others involved in local Scouting.

These badges could also be a great opportunity to join up with the other section leaders in your Group and organise a Group talent show or a performance of some kind and then invite parents/carers along to watch. As well as sharing resources and skills across the leadership teams, this will also support transition, by providing an opportunity for Cubs to meet young people and Leaders in the Scout section. 

Additional guidance

Make sure that any performances follow the legal licensing requirements outlined here and that any public performances follow POR rule 9.22, including having the approval of the relevant Commissioner.

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