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Cub Scout Tahir Ahmed Mohammed from 9th Burton upon Trent writes about his experience at the first Muslim Scout International Jamboree in Kibblestone, Staffordshire which took place from 27 – 30 July 2017.

We arrived on Thursday and took part in a gigantic opening ceremony with Scouts from all over the world. It’s the third time I have been camping but this time I was more excited than I have ever been because of the Scout Groups from abroad. Some people even came all the way from Australia! Sadly, they didn’t bring any kangaroos with them and we didn’t spot any boomerangs at camp. A jamboree is a huge gathering of Scouts. 1,500 people attended this jamboree.  After the opening ceremony, we had dinner and then returned to our tents for some rest. We had set up our tents the night before which was a clever idea because it rained and rained and rained. All night long. And then rained some more. It was the wettest camp I have been to.  I was glad I had my wellies and waterproofs. It's a good idea to pack everything included on your list. 

On Friday, after breakfast we went around different bases. The theme of the camp was Planet Earth and the different activity bases included Desert, Rainforest, Oceans, Urban and Mountains. There was so much to do. All the zones were natural, except Urban. Urban is to do with a town or city and included things like planting seeds, beekeeping and producing electricity. Although this zone was different to the others, I really liked it because it’s a part of how we live and just as important as the mountains and the rainforests. In the evening we spent time in our tents with our Pack. We named our tent 'The Nutty Cubbies'. The leaders told us there were prizes for the best kept tent so we did our best to keep it clean and keep the noise levels down. We played the ‘scary face’ game with our torches before going to sleep. I would definitely recommend it.  

Saturday was the best day ever. The sun shined all day and that made the activities even more fun. My favourite part of Saturday was having a disco in our tent and watching the fireworks display. My favourite base was Rainforests and that’s because I am ace at climbing. I managed to climb the wall with super-speed and super-strength which made me a super-Cub scout. I imagined the wall was Everest and was so happy to reach the top. Maybe one day I'll climb Everest.

On Sunday we were told a special guest was arriving by helicopter. I was blown away. I was so happy to see Bear Grylls. I made sure I was at the front to get a good look at him. One of the leaders asked me if, when I grow up, I wanted to be a Scout leader like her. I told her that I wanted to be a VIP like Bear Grylls and visit a Scout camp in a helicopter. It was pretty cool. After lunch, we took down the tents and eventually went home. That night, when I lay in my bed I had a dream that I was climbing Everest and when I got to the top, Bear Grylls was there to meet me in his helicopter.


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