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Welcome to the Scouts! As a new Leader you're about to embark on quite a journey. We've made a list of all the most useful programme recources to give you a head start on this adventure. 

A new Scouting term is about to start and with it a world of adventure and exploration. For new leaders joining the Movement, this is an incredibly exciting time. To help you ease your way into your new role, we’ve compiled a list of all the most useful resources you need for a successful start as a leader.


The Scouting Programme
The Scouting Programme provides a structure of badges and awards based on a series of objectives that inspire the activities young people experience at Scouting.  It’s based around the themes of outdoor and adventure, world and skills, and it’s at the core of the Movement. The best place to find information about the Scouting Programme is on the website where you can find everything you need, including programme updates and resources to help you plan your Group’s programme. There are areas of the website providing specific information on the Programme for each of the sections, and links to supporting resources.

The Prepared Handbook
The Prepared Handbook is the most comprehensive guide to Scouting and it covers everything from the Fundamentals of Scouting, the Scouting Programme and the Young Leaders’ Scheme, to money and record keeping. The information included in the handbook is colour coded to provide some specific information for each sections – Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network. You can order a copy from Scout Shops.  

Badges and Awards books
The Badges and Awards book that you can find from the Scout Shop, will tell you everything you need to know about the badges and awards available to young people in your section. Remember badges and awards are a way of supporting young people in each section to develop their skills, and are key elements of the Scouting Programme.

Changes are made from time to time in response to feedback from the Movement and to make sure the Programme remain relevant.  Check for any updates here. 

The Promise
The Promise is a commitment taken by all members of Scouting who agree to sharing the Values of Scouting and is a fundamental step taken by young people joining the Movement. At its core, Scouting is an inclusive movement and the Promise aims to reflect that value by being all-encompassing to all different faiths and beliefs, and nationalities within the UK. You can find information on the Promise and the different versions available here. To support new young people to choose a version that is most meaningful for them, use the Promise posters, which are available for every section and can be found in the Print Centre.

Outdoor skills resources
Outdoor Fire

Being a new leader means you’re about to spend a lot of time supporting your young people to learn and develop skills, and likely to be learning some yourself too. When it comes to practical and outdoor skills, Scout Adventures have lots of useful resources, for skills such as fire lighting, planning residentials, and navigation skills.  Find the resources here

Partnership resources and opportunities
You can find great resources and opportunities, through our corporate partnerships, which can support you to deliver the Programme here.

Keep an eye out for each terms Magazine supplement – Make DO Share – for activity ideas and instructions.

A-Z of activities
For information, rules and guidance about running adventurous activities, from abseiling to zorbing, check out the A-Z of Activities at

Some of the more adventurous activities in Scouting need to be run by a volunteer with a permit, unless an external provider is delivering them. Find more information about the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme here. However, here’s a useful list of exciting activities you can do without a permit.  

You can also access many adventurous activities at Scout Adventure Centres.

Nights Away resources
Nights Away

Spending nights away from home is at the core of Scouting and an opportunity for every young person to have a memorable experience. You can find information and guidance about Nights Away right here or buy a copy of the Nights Away resource from Scout Shops.

Safe Scouting
Fun, adventure and challenge are cornerstones of Scouting but these are only possible if all activities are conducted in a safe manner. You can find guidance and support in running safe Scouting here.

Accessible Scouting
Scouting develops young people to their full potential, and as Leaders, its important that we plan a Programme that is accessible to all. 

In supporting the participation of young people with additional needs. it can be beneficial to work closely with the parents or carers and meet with the young person to identify their individual needs. It’s also important to positive in your approach, whilst being open and honest about your knowledge and skills. You can find guidance to support you here.

Adult Training Scheme
There are various resources to help learners complete preparation. The Adult training scheme includes module 12a, which focuses on delivering a quality programme and is available as an e-learning resource. Programme planning is the focus of module 12b and is mandatory unit for section leaders. You can contact your Training Adviser for information on dates and courses.

Scouting magazine
Keep an eye out for each term’s issue of Scouting magazine (the next one will be published in November!) where you can find news, features, advice and step-by-step activities to include in your programme. You can read previous issues here.

And last but not least, don’t forget to keep updated by reading our regular emails, and following our Facebook and Twitter channels for more news, tips and all information regarding Scouting.   


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