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Rainy Craft

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get creative indoors with your Beaver Scouts! Let their imaginations run wild while they work towards their Creative Activity Badge with these activities: 


  • Ladybug plate

    Even on a rainy day, you can teach your Beavers about the wonders of the outdoors. These ladybug plates are easy and fun to make and if your Beavers get really good at it, they may want to try other bugs as well!


  • Your own cardboard race car

    Just because you’re staying indoors doesn’t mean you can’t go on a road trip. Get your Beavers to team up and build their best cardboard cars. Happy driving!


  • Handmade soaps

    SoapsThey look great, they smell great and they keep Beavers clean and mums happy. These soaps are fun and easy to make.  Your Beavers could use them as gifts for friends and family.


  • Rainy day splatter painting

    As the saying goes - if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So if you can’t stop the rain, you might as well enjoy it. Help your young people put some food colouring onto pages of cardboard and when it’s raining (not pouring) get them to take the cardboard outside. Let them dry afterwards and watch the magic emerge.


  • Fruity Printing

    FruitWho needs paintbrushes when you have an apple, an orange and a lemon? Nature does produce the best art materials and fruit makes the most amazing patterns. Cut the fruit in halves, show your Beavers how to dip them in paint, press them onto a piece of paper and enjoy!


  • Build your own art gallery

    So it’s been raining and you’ve been indoors making some great art and objects. Well, it’s time to display it! Choose a spot in your meeting place and organise all of your crafts and works of art in a way that everyone can enjoy them. Your Beavers can even title all their artwork and sign them too. Invite friends and family members to attend the gallery opening.  

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