5-minute filler for Cubs | 16 August


 MG 3819

Keep your Cubs occupied between activities by playing Centipede, a quick and fuss-free game that’s loads of fun and a great way to highlight the importance of teamwork.

Ask your Cubs to form a line and then to get onto their hands and knees. They should then hold the ankles of the person in front of them. Working together, they should now try and crawl.

If they appear to be struggling to move forward, point out that they’ll move smoother and quicker if they work together ie by moving the right side of their bodies and then the left side of their bodies (or vice-versa) together and at the same time. They might want to elect the person at the head of the centipede to shout ‘left, right, left, right’ as if it were a march.

To make the game more challenging, set up small obstacles along the way, such as pool noodles that they’ll need to crawl over. 

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