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We like a paper map as much as the next person, but there’s no denying that our phones are incredibly useful tools when it comes to outdoor activities. We’ve made a list of some of our favourite free apps to make your summer adventures even more memorable!



We know how hard it can sometimes be to find those ‘off the beaten’ path places. Yonder is the best app for finding those undiscovered places and linking up with people who like adventuring just as much as you do. By encouraging you to share your experience, Yonder aims to bring together a community of people who love getting lost in the great outdoors.

Free – available on iOS and Android.



Know where you’re going and see where you’ve been; whether you want to use one of the 70 million hiking routes or create one of your own, you can do it with this app! Share with other Scout Groups and get those competitive hackles raised – who can hike the furthest?

Free – available on iOS and Android.



Here’s the thing, if you’re going on an outdoor adventure, you want to make sure you’ll be able to share and chronicle your trips. Ramblr lets you journal and share your experiences using videos, photos, stats and maps. The best part is that Ramblr is integrated to Facebook and Twitter which makes sharing your epic story even easier!

Free – available on iOS and Android.



We like the dark as much as the next person but you know what we also like? Being able to find our personal belongings inside our tent or our way to the toilet in the middle of the night. This app also has a built in compass that may come in handy for that toilet run. Do make sure you turn the flashlight off when its time for stargazing!

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Echo 112

This app will not only call the emergency services anywhere in the world but will generate a link to give them your exact location. It also includes an emergency lock screen facility to which you can add your emergency contact’s details.

Free – available on iOS and Android


Camp Chef

This incredible app will make any outdoor meal one to remember. With six different categories, you’ll have enough options for every taste and every preference. New recipes are constantly being added to the repertoire and if you need any help making that perfect dish, you can visit the Camp Chef Facebook and Instagram pages where you’ll find other people sharing their top tips.

Free – available on iOS and Android.


UV Lens

Vitamin D is essential for so many things, including our good mood. But an exaggerated exposure to sunlight can prove to be very dangerous and can damage your skin, cause serious sunburn and increase your risk of developing skin cancer. All hail the app that will help you stay safe while enjoying some rays of sunlight. UV Lens app will let you know when is the safest time to go outside and enjoy the sun, it’ll remind you when you need to reapply sunscreen and you can even get a personalized skin type assessment to make sure you’re wearing the right protection for you skin.

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Leaf Snap UK

Spending time outdoors means encountering a lot of incredible new things - new experiences, new nature, new species – and the best part is that now you can actually put a name to most of these things. The Leaf Snap UK app uses visual recognition software to help identify different tree species from photos of leafs.  So next time you’re out and not sure what tree you’re standing underneath, just snap a photo of a leaf and the tree mystery is solved.  

Free – available on iOS and Android.


Star Walk

Without a doubt one of the best things about going on an outdoor adventure, is the fact that there are no city lights which means lots of starry nights. The Star Walk app can help you find and recognize all the planets and constellations in real time.  There’s a lot of user generated information as well that will help you keep up to date with all the important celestial events so you can plan your trips accordingly.

Free – available on iOS and Android.


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