5-minute filler for Beavers | 17 July


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Have a go at Jack Frost vs. Sneaky Sun and enhance your group’s teamwork skills with this gleeful weather game.

Two or three Beaver Scouts morph into Jack Frost. Their job is to ‘freeze’ anyone they tag within the confines of the playing area. Once tagged, the frozen Beavers must wait in that position unless they have been ‘defrosted’. 

A second challenge facing the Jack Frosts is to work out who the Sneaky Suns are. While the Jack Frost’s backs are turned, the group will nominate two to three Sneaky Suns, and silently inform you of this. (Please note: if everyone wants to be nominated, it may be more democratic for the leader to choose at random).

The Sneaky Suns can unfreeze the frozen by tapping them on the shoulder. They should try to do this in the covert, sneaky manner their title suggests. The whole group can work together to keep the secret. 

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