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Find out how one Scout Group challenged themselves to raise £500,000 for a new HQ.

‘Sixty years ago, in 1956, the people of Fetcham came together and raised funds to build a new Scout Hut. They carried out much of the work themselves. 

The old hut is now in a very poor state of repair. An overhaul of the whole site to bring Fetcham a new Scout HQ fit for the 21st century is now needed.’ 

These are the opening words on the Virgin Money Giving Campaign page of the 1st Fetcham Scouts, who tasked themselves with raising £500,000 over the next three years in order to provide a new Scout HQ for the children of 1st Fetcham. We spoke Mark Burgess, who told us a bit more about their fundraising. 

Mark and his family joined the 1st Fetcham annual May Day Fun Run for the first time this year, completing 3km. He decided to ask for sponsorship in order to help contribute to the target needed to build the new Scout HQ. He adds that the Fun Run was a great choice as everyone could join in, and the kids really enjoyed it. 

Bringing a bit of humour to his fundraising page, Mark says: ‘Much like myself, the current Scout Hut needs carting away and a complete rebuild! Having been a Cub, a Scout and a Venture Scout at 1st Fetcham from 1966 to 1983, it is time to put something back into the Scout Group of which I had enjoyed being a part as a child.’ 

Campaigns on Virgin Money Giving 

Mark tells us that the Treasurer of the Scout group was in charge of the IT, having already set up 1st Fetcham Scouts on Virgin Money Giving, and found it ‘extremely easy’ to use. The campaign functionality provided by Virgin Money Giving allows multiple people (as many as you like!) to open their own fundraising pages, with all individual totals funneling to one main Campaign page, like that of the 1st Fetcham Scouts. This means that no matter how many fundraisers there are, it's easy to keep track of achieving that one main goal. 

Mark's amazing fundraising total of £2890 is automatically added to the 1st Fetcham Scouts Campaign page, adding to their £20,000 plus raised so far. 

Find out more 

If your local Scout Group would like to benefit, it is currently free for your Scout Group to sign up and start fundraising on Virgin Money Giving. To register please click here. Please note, your registration fee will be waived once you start the registration process. 

To find out more about the fundraising options with Virgin Money Giving, visit their website or give them a call.


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