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When it comes to camping kit, you want to make sure you’re buying the best of the best, but with so many products available, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice? By roping Tottenham ESU in to put two new i.SCOUT tents through their paces, that’s how!


The i.SCOUT Explorer Tent

Ideal for one or two people for a short camping trip, this tent has multiple vents and a zipped back window, as well as fibreglass poles for sturdy pitching. Once stored away in its zipped carry bag, the tent weighs just 3.8kg.

How easy is it to put up and take down?

This tent is light, small and easy to erect, taking under 15 minutes to put up. The Explorers take the tent down, roll it up and get it back in the bag in under five minutes. George, 16, says: ‘We only had to check the instructions once!’

How waterproof is it?

The team take testing this tent’s water resistance very seriously. And it holds up remarkably. ‘The drops of water just roll off it!’ says Mimi, 15.

How spacious is it?

Dylan, 16 thinks it fits two people pretty comfortably although if you’re tall like George, it’s a little on the short side and sleeping diagonally would be more comfortable.

Value for money?

At £30, this tent is not the cheapest on the market but at least you’re guaranteed to stay dry when it rains, and you can get it up and down in no time at all!


The i.SCOUT Backpacker Tent

This tent has taped seams, back vent and side porch windows with a sewn-in bathtub groundsheet and sturdy fibreglass poles. It can fit two-to-three people, is 120cm high when pitched and just 4.1kg in weight when packed.

How easy is it to put up and take down?

Despite being slightly bigger and heavier than the Explorer tent, the Explorers have no trouble putting the Backpacker tent up without looking at the instructions. It also comes down without a hitch, although rolling it up and getting it back into the bag proves slightly trickier than with the smaller Explorer tent.

How waterproof is it?

Like the Explorer tent, this one is very waterproof. Even buckets of water tipped over the top don’t result in a leak!

How spacious is it?

The Backpacker tent is big enough for three average-sized 16-year-olds to comfortably lie down top-to-tail. You could probably even squeeze a small fourth one in at a push.

Value for money?

Just £5 more than the Explorer tent, but with quite a lot more space, this tent is great value for money.


Both tents appear to be great buys. Easy to put up, easy to take down, thoroughly waterproof and spacious, they’re everything you need from a small tent.

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*This review is featured in the Autumn Term 2017 issue of Scouting magazine.

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