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Survival skills help your young people feel prepared and confident in their outdoor surroundings. Paul Kirtley’s guest blog demonstrates how even the trees around us can be useful in helping us survive in the wild. 

Bolster your young people’s knowledge and expertise by helping them to learn new survival techniques. If you’re new to this or want to refresh your skills, the Scout Adventures resources include useful guidance on a range of topics, including knots, lashings and fire lighting. 


Why not use your next sleepover or camp as an opportunity to introduce Beavers to outdoor skills? They could build the campfire as part of their My Outdoors Challenge Award, or create a den as one of the outdoor activities for their My Adventure Challenge Award. For inspiration to support your Beavers get their award take a look at these brilliant BEAR nibbles resources

Survival Skills Beavers


Cubs can take part in two problem-solving activities for their Our Skills Challenge Award. You could get them thinking creatively about how to survive if they were stranded on an island or in a desert. Weave in survival skills to make the activities and skills learned even more useful and exciting. 

Put some of these ideas into practice by encouraging Cubs to build a shelter or bivouac, and create a fire to do some backwoods cooking as part of their Our Outdoors Challenge Award.

The Scout Adventures fire lighting resource and video below offers some great advice.

Survival Skills Cubs

Scouts - Survival Skills Activity Badge

Scouts can focus on building their skills by completing their Survival Skills Activity Badge. Our partner Victorinox has produced a series of resources to support this, including guidance on putting together a personal survival kit.

Instead of a typical campfire, why not help your Scouts build a Swedish fire torch, and challenge them to create different kinds of shelters as training for their 24-hour survival exercise.

Survival Skills Scouts

Explorers - Survival Skills Activity Badge

Support your Explorers in completing their Survival Skills Activity Badge by teaching them how to carve their own whistle from a piece of wood using the activity on Make Do Share, and learn about international distress signals.

Explorers can demonstrate different techniques to light a fire by using Victorinox’s Fire lighting techniques resource, and practice distress signals using Victorinox’s guidance on body signals and ground to-air signals.

Survival Skills Explorers


Network members can create unique opportunities to use their survival skills, by using this guidance on how to run a Network event or project. They could plan a survival weekend or arrange a foraging competition, with groups working to create the best dish.  Why not do a foraging version of 'Come Dine with Me' or 'Ready Steady Cook' where everyone can compete to make the best dish from food they’ve foraged.

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