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It’s camping season! Time for backwoods cooking, sleeping under the stars, songs, s’mores and 24-hour friendship! It’s also the perfect time for young people to get their badges and awards, as so many of the activities we do on camp tick off badge requirements anyway.

From putting up tents to tying knots and lashings in order to build rafts and bridges, badges such as the Camp Craft Activity Badge, Outdoor Challenge Award and Pioneer Activity Badge are simply made for camp. To support your Scouts complete their badges, take a look at these resources and ideas.   


BeaversCamp Craft Activity Badge

The Camp Craft Activity Badge is a great way to introduce Beavers to pioneering skills. While putting up tents, building fires and learning to tie reef knots they develop the confidence and techniques to make more exciting structures later on.  

Show them the tricks to the perfect reef knot with these instructions and take a look at our guidance on lighting fires safely here. To get them learning about sturdy construction, why not show them how to build an edible raft? Alternatively, get some skewers or uncooked spaghetti and elastic bands and help them to build basic A-frame structures like towers and bridges.

The My Outdoors Challenge Award is another great badge to help Beavers develop pioneering skills. And there’s no better place to do it than on camp.


CubsPioneer Activity Badge

While working towards their Pioneer Activity Badge and learning to tie simple lashings, hitches and knots, Cubs develop essential skills to build useful structures like rope ladders and flagpoles. Show them the basics with this useful pioneering resource. To add an element of fun to learning about knots, add activities like the human knot game to your programme.

For more ideas and activities take a look at Programmes Online or the Scout Adventures Resources.


Scouts - Pioneer Activity Badge

For young people, when you’re with your friends, there’s nothing quite like building forts and other cool structures together. And so, for many Scouts, completing their Pioneer Activity Badge is perfect because it’s all about building something together. They’ll not only have loads of fun but also develop teamwork skills and construction techniques such as building levers to move heavy weights.

Developing knowledge about whipping, splices and safe rope sealing, they can then work together to build a chariot, a monkey bridge, raft or parallel runway. For extra support showing them the ropes, this Discovery Pioneering Resource for Scouts is ideal.

Find further guidance on knots, lashings and activity ideas from the Scout Adventures Resources.


ExplorersPioneer Activity Badge

What young people learn to do through the Pioneer Activity Badge only becomes more and more exciting as they move through the sections. Having developed the skills to complete complex knots, bends, lashings and hitches, and the confidence to lead the projects themselves, Explorers build hourglass towers and aerial runways.

Find out how to run an aerial activity here and how to build an aerial runway here.



Running events and projects is a great way for Network members to further develop pioneering skills and to share their skills with younger sections.  They could plan a raft-building competition to race across a nearby river or spend a morning with a young section showing them the tricks to cool structures like mini canoes or mini zip lines. Take a look at this guidance on how to run a Network event or project. Here’s some extra guidance on teaching knots and guidance on teaching lashings.

For further activity inspiration visit Programmes Online or the Scout Adventures resources.


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