31 things to try in July



Make the most of the next 31 days and celebrate the start of the summer holidays with these ideas.

1. Read Alice in Wonderland on the anniversary of its publication and try not to fall down a rabbit hole.

2. Play a game of ultimate Frisbee with some friends.

3. Practice your serve as the Wimbledon tennis championships start

4. Build a marble run using only items you find at the Scout hut. The winning team is the one who keeps their marble from touching the floor for the longest amount of time.

5. Make a toga from an old sheet to celebrate the Roman festival of Poplifugia.

6. Learn a new campfire song and practice some old favourites ahead of summer camp.

7. Bake a rainbow cake.

8. Cheer on the Scouts marching in this year’s Pride in London parade.

9. Design a boat and everything you’d need to take if you were going to sail around the world, in honour of the Tin Bath Championships.

10. Use a magnifying glass to look at natural things in extraordinary detail.


11. Create a list of things you want to do during the summer holidays – skills to master, adventures to have and memories to create.

12. Make sure everything is sorted for summer camp – don’t forget the risk assessments!

13. Sleep in your sleeping bag in the living room as practice for camp.

14. Do a good deed for a friend, family member or neighbour.

15. Make a collage of things that are red, as the birthstone for July is a ruby.


16. Hold a snail race in the park.

17. Meet with the leaders of other sections in your Group or District to share activity ideas and plan joint events over the summer, or when you come back for the autumn term.

18. Book a date during the summer holidays to take action for your A Million Hands project – get out into the community for a whole day and make a difference.

19. Throw a party for all the young people and Young Leaders in your section who have completed their exams and play some traditional party games.

20. Review your programme with your young people - what did they enjoy most and least this term?


21. Visit the seaside and go hunting for creatures in rock pools.

22. Hand out all the badges everyone has earned and celebrate their achievements.

23. Plan how you’ll keep in touch with parents over the summer to ensure your young people return to Scouting after the break.

24. Go for a long walk somewhere you’ve never been before, and breathe some fresh air during National Parks Week.

25. Follow the progress of Scout Network members at the World Scout Moot in Iceland by using #moot2017 on social media.


26. Play a game of cricket on the day that the first ever women’s cricket match took place, back in 1745.

27. Sew on all the new badges you earned this term, and start a camp blanket if you don’t already have one.

28. Set up an online parent rota and start getting parents to fill in their availability for the new term.

29. Celebrate the start of Caerphilly’s cheese festival by cooking something cheesy.

30. Get your leadership team together to celebrate the end of term and plan the first sessions back in the autumn.

31. Have a lie-in now that the summer holidays have started!

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