Scouting’s response to the attack in Manchester


Scouts Blog Response

We express our huge sadness and sympathy with those affected by last night's attack in Manchester. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those affected.

As adults it is often hard to make sense of such acts of terror; to explain them to young people is even harder. When such attacks take place it can be unsettling and bewildering.  

At such times, Scouting has a vital role in providing a sense of stability and continuity. As a movement we bring people together when others attempt to create divisions. We live by our values of respect, integrity, belief, care and cooperation and extend the hand of friendship to those from every background. 

We point leaders towards the following resources that may help provide background and context when addressing the issues raised by such a tragedy.      


       Programmes Online (Search for 'Peace'. There are 15 activities)

       In the Face of Terrorism

       Peace Pack

       Scouting and Peace

       Advice for young people if they’re worried about what they see in the news 


As Scouts, we believe we can help create a better world. We can achieve this by demonstrating Scouting’s values.

Thank you for supporting our young people during this challenging time. 

Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner

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