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Bear Nibbles

Claire Bruce, Beaver Scout Leader at 27th Chingford, talks about her experience using the BEAR Nibbles resources to support her Beavers to achieve their My Adventure Challenge Award.

As part of the Beavers’ My Adventure Challenge Award, we are getting outdoors, developing some new skills and having lots of fun! So far this term, we have been on some great adventures: grass sledging, building an obstacle course and following a trail. We are using our poster from BEAR to help us keep track of our progress through the award, and our Beavers take great pride in updating it.

This Tuesday, we had great weather and the sun was shining for the start of our campfire. As the Beaver Scouts arrived, there was a hum of excitement as the eagle-eyed amongst the group spotted the marshmallows on the side.

We collected wood before the Beavers arrived and lit the fire to get an impressive flame for their arrival in the campfire circle. We always find a bigger flame at the start reinforces the fact the fire is hot, and, when the flame dies down, we can show the Beavers that the embers are perfect for roasting marshmallows and bananas.

Before heading out, we asked the Beaver Scouts all about what they already know about being safe around the campfire. They were pretty good at this, and offered up some very sensible suggestions. We then used the BEAR marshmallow roasting resource to think about how else we could stay safe when roasting marshmallows by the fire. After agreeing on some rules, like not playing games or running around near the fire, we ventured out.

We started the campfire with some favourite songs whilst the flames died down. ‘A- boom chic-a-boom!’ echoed around the site, and the Beavers loved doing all the bonkers actions to songs that we encourage - growing in size and enthusiasm and ending in laughter.

As the songs came to a natural close, the campfire was a perfect size for us to begin roasting our bananas. We followed the instructions for the Banana Boat activity in the resource and placed our bananas on the fire for about 15 minutes. During this time, the Beaver Scouts began to roast their marshmallows. They reminded each other of the top tips we’d created together. As such, our only casualty was a marshmallow that had slid off the stick and melted into the ash.

After devouring their marshmallows, the Beavers patiently waited for their bananas to cool down and finished colouring in their BEAR sheets. The sheets were great for giving the Beaver Scouts the chance for some quiet time whilst they waited – a great contrast to the earlier songs and energy. Colouring in also doesn’t require too much leader input, allowing the leaders to keep an eye on the bananas and to talk and reflect with the Beavers about how much they had enjoyed being outdoors.

We put the bananas (still in their foil) onto paper plates for the Beavers to take home. After the Beavers led the close, it was time to go home - with smiling faces, sticky marshmallow hands and tired voices.

Find out more about BEAR Nibbles and download all the resources here

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