5-minute filler for Beavers | 26 May



Try this sculpting game with your Beavers to encourage teamwork, trust and observation.


Ask your young people to get into pairs; one person is the sculptor and the other person is the block of clay. If there is an uneven number of people there can be two sculptors.

Give your sculptors the name of a sport/hobby/emotion/animal, without telling the blocks of clay.

Ask the sculptors to mould their partners into that sport/hobby/emotion/animal. They should do this by pulling facial expressions and striking poses that their partner must copy. The sculptors aren’t allowed to speak or tell their partner what the word is. They have 60 seconds to create their masterpiece.

Once the 60 seconds is over, ask all sculptors to stand by the masterpiece that they think best represents the word. They cannot stand by their own one.

The masterpiece with the most sculptors wins.

For fun, get the masterpieces to guess what the word was.


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