5-minute filler for Scouts | 10 May



This quick activity will help your Scouts learn tracking skills, and is a fun chance to work as a team.

For this activity, it may be useful to print out examples of basic tracking symbols, including how to indicate obstacles, a dead trail and the end of a trail, or ‘gone home’ symbol. You’ll need a large space and items to use to make the symbols, whether natural (sticks, stones etc.) or manmade.

Split your Scouts into two groups. Explain that they need to work together in their teams to set a trail for the other team to follow. They should make it as complex as they like, with dead ends and obstacles, but there should be a clear end point that the opposing team need to reach. Set a time limit and send the teams off. 

Once the time is up, show them to the start of the opposing team’s trail and see which can find the end point fastest.

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