5-minute filler for Cubs | 3 May


Cubs Waterballoon

Take advantage of the warmer weather to get outside and play some messier games with your Cubs!

You will need several balloons filled with water. You may want to ask your Cubs to take off their uniform tops, as they may end up getting splashed during this game.

Gather everyone in a tight circle, and start passing the balloon around, hand-to-hand. The Cubs need to pay attention to what they are doing and be careful not to drop or squeeze the balloon too much, or it could burst. Get everyone to take a large step back, so there is a gap between them, and encourage them to throw the balloon to the person next to them. Throws should be careful and controlled.

Make sure the balloon has gone around the whole circle at least once before you take another step out and make the circle wider. Keep going until the balloon breaks, challenging the Cubs to make the circle really wide. You can start again from a tight circle, or pick up where you left off with a new balloon.

You could also play this as a name game when new members join: throwing the balloon across the circle, the Cub must say the name of the person they are throwing to and everyone must keep alert.

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