30 things to try in June


Wild Camping

It’s never too late to try something new, so have a go at some of these ideas throughout the month of June.


1. Plan to make a difference in your community at the start of Volunteers’ Week.

2. Build stepping stones to get across a stream with dry feet.

3. Take a grinning selfie to show off your pearly whites during National Smile Month.

4. Make paper plate doves to celebrate Pentecost with your section, and discuss the Christian faith with your young people.

Dove Plate 

5. Pledge to improve your community and give young people a chance to become future leaders with #iWill and Step Up To Serve.

6. Learn to make a new gadget ahead of summer camp.

7. Watch the skies tonight as the Aretids meteor shower reaches its peak.      

8. On World Oceans Day, have a conversation about how we can protect our oceans and stop throwing so much litter into the sea.

9. Celebrate the coming end of term and hand out any Chief Scout’s Awards that your young people have earned.

Sponge Cake 

10. Bake a Victoria sponge to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday.

11. Oil up your chain and go for a ride during Bike Week.

12. Have a meditation session for young people who might be stressed about exams, or thinking about big changes ahead of them in the future.

13. Introduce young people who will be moving on to the leaders of their next section, to help ease the transition at the start of next term.

14. Get your young people to write down all the fun things they’d like to do next term. No idea is too big!


15. Make a den in the woods using branches lashed together with cord, and ferns or tarpaulins to form a roof. If you’re brave enough, sleep out for a night.

16. Put Scout Community Month in your diary for October and plan how you’ll celebrate all you’ve achieved with A Million Hands.

17. Try your hand at bell ringing to celebrate Pixie Day, a Devonshire tradition.

18. Make a personalised photo frame for a special man on Father’s Day.

19. Get out on the water in a canoe, kayak or dinghy on a long summer evening.

20. Remind yourself of the new guidance for trampolining and jump parks before taking your young people on a trip.


21. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise on the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.

22. Fill up a bucket with water bombs and have a water fight!

23. Send out kit lists for summer camp, and practice packing rucksacks to make sure everyone knows what they need – and what they don’t.

24. Commemorate Armed Forces Day by visiting a museum or memorial.

25. Learn more about the Muslim faith and cook dishes with family during Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan.

Eid Dinner 

26. Create a cardboard caving course using boxes that supermarkets are throwing away.

27. Invite parents along to your AGM. Turn it into a celebration of all the fun things your Group has done this year, and use it to recruit new helpers.

28. Have a clear-out, and sell or donate anything you haven’t used for six months.

29. Make delicious vegetable kebabs as a vegetarian barbecue alrenative.

30. Discuss what it means to be gay ahead of the Pride in London parade, which Scouts will be marching at. 

Add something new to your Programme with 30 more things to try. 

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