31 things to try in May

May Camp

Use these great Programme ideas to keep everyone occupied throughout the month of May.

1. Dance around a maypole on May Day (without tying yourself in knots).

2. Go foraging for wild garlic and turn it into a delicious dinner.

3. Discover some facts about Buddhism and light incense on Buddha’s birthday.


4. Make Death Star art on Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with you!

5. Help to ease waiting lists and increase the amount of voluntary support for your Group by introducing a parent rota.

6. Watch the Eta Aquariids meteor shower peak after dark.

7. Make a wish on a dandelion.

8. Wake up early, go outside and dance in the street to celebrate Flora Day.

9. Find out some facts about a European country on Europe Day.

10. Lace up your boots and go for a hike during National Walking Month. It doesn’t have to be in the wilds: an urban hike can be just as interesting!


11. Have a healthy picnic lunch outside, even if it’s raining.

12. Make an origami Lily of the Valley - the birth flower of May.

13. Learn to make perfect campfire eggy bread.

14. Visit a local windmill or water mill during National Mills Weekend.


15. Make a Roman mosaic to celebrate the Ides of May: the middle of the Roman calendar month.

16. Look out for mayflies hatching soon in rivers and ponds - they only live for around a day, and have to make the most of every minute.

17. Discuss what it means to include everyone in Scouting, no matter who they are or who they fall in love with, on International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.

18. Make sure you're ready for camp by putting safeguarding plans in place.

19. Play a game of tag rugby to celebrate the World Rugby Sevens taking place at Twickenham. 

20. Go on a photo walk and take pictures of anything green that you find.


21. Go cloud-gazing and look for clouds shaped like woggles, neckers, fleur-de-lis and leaders!

22. Make the most of the long evenings - take action for A Million Hands and advance your project.

23. Try a new adventurous outdoor activity - remember, there are many that you don’t need a permit for.

24. Hunt for butterflies and draw pictures of their patterns to help you identify them.

25. Learn how to make a Turk’s Head woggle.

26. Hold a mini outdoor music festival, and invite Scouts who can play musical instruments to provide the evening entertainment.


27. Practice the Mayday distress call, and signalling SOS in Morse code and semaphore.

28. Invite your Local Youth Commissioner to visit your Group and explore what more you can do to become Youth Shaped.

29. Visit the coast over the bank holiday weekend and search for sea glass.

30. Take to the water in a boat or canoe on the day of China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

31. Spot the first swallows and swifts migrating back to the UK, signifying that summer is on the way.

Add something new to your Programme with 30 more things to try.

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