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At the awards ceremony at Summit17 this weekend, awards were linked to all four areas of Scouting for All, to give special recognition to Groups who have contributed most to achieving the plan.


Most Innovative Inclusion Project Award – 222nd Whiteways Scout Group

222Nd Whiteways

222nd Whiteways Scout Group in Sheffied has been awarded the Most Innovative Inclusion Project Award. This after-school provision has introduced Scouting to over 100 parents and young people who had never heard of Scouting before. Consisting of a Beaver section and a Cub section, it’s in one of the most diverse areas in Sheffield. The Group is based at Whiteways Primary School where 10 different languages are spoken.

22nd Whiteways has provided a platform for young people to get a taste of Scouting and join more ‘conventional’ Groups when they move on to Scouts.  The Group, which has been running for over a year now, reaches at least 10 different ethnic communities in the area. The leaders are a mix of parents, school helpers and teachers and have a uniform bank so that all students can access Scouting. The young people use strap bags to glue their badges on, which they can take home.

Community Impact Project Award – 1st Staindrop Cubs

Community Impact

1st Staindrop Cubs has been awarded the best Community Impact Project Award for helping people in their community to understand visual impairment. They researched the issue by speaking to local Guide Dog representatives and Christine, a girl in their local school who had recently lost her sight after a brain tumour.  Christine’s daily struggle to get around inspired them to try to improve the lives of people with sight loss.  They carried out street clutter and pavement parking surveys to assess the problem in their area and were shocked by their findings. They decided to take action.

They made their new Scout hut more disability friendly, left notes on cars parked incorrectly in their town, filmed a video to promote petition which has been viewed over 25,000 times, and wrote to the Prime Minister who then invited them to Downing Street.  The petition also caught the attention of their local MP, Helen Goodman who has visited them and wants to provide support. She is joining them on a blindfolded walk around town.

More people in their community are now aware of the issue and the matter is being considered by the Department of Transport.  In April, the Cubs are taking over their local radio station for an hour to broadcast their thoughts on social action and why they, as young people, wanted to make a positive impact in their community. 

Most Innovative Youth Shaped Project Award – Radford Rhinos Explorer Scout Unit

Innovative YS

Radford Rhinos Explorer Scout Unit have been awarded the Most Innovative Youth Shaped Project Award for their commitment to Youth Shaped Scouting. These intrepid Explorers did all the planning and budgeting for their trip to Slovenia, and executed it with support from their leaders. They were responsible for all aspects of the trip; communication, food, campsites, activities and travel. Leaders encourage the young people to make informed decisions by giving them access to POR and guidance available. They planned 198 miles worth of travel by public transport and found ways around problems by communicating with their leaders and working through situations together. 

The Explorers were given the opportunity to learn, discover and achieve. They were given the freedom to make mistakes, encounter problems and find solutions.

Better Prepared Award – Humberside 

Better Prepared

The Better Prepared Award is awarded to the County/Area/Region with the most Groups in an area of deprivation and the greatest number of young people engaged in a Better Prepared project.Through huge efforts from the volunteer team, Humberside Scouts have opened up new opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds. Their commitment to ensuring that a young person’s background is no barrier to accessing the fun, adventure and benefits of Scouting, has been truly inspiring.  

Growth Award (District) – Winchester District in Hampshire


Winchester Scouts describe themselves as ‘the gateway to Scouting in Winchester’. They are one of the largest and fastest growing Districts in Hampshire, one of England's biggest Scout Counties. In their own words, they are ‘big in spirit and are big on adventurous activities’

Growth Award (County) – Lincolnshire County

County Growth

Lincolnshire Scouts are part of the East Midlands Region, covering the area from Rutland in the south, to the coast in the east, and to Gainsborough in the north. They have over 6,000 members with some 5,000 young people and 1,200 adults. They continue to enjoy year-on-year growth.

Massive congratulations for all the dedication and a huge thank you - the time, energy and dedication you all give to Scouting really is phenomenal.

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