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Whether it's Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers that you volunteer with, there's a science-themed activity badge for all. It’s British Science Week from 10-19 March, so what better time to plan some activities and boost your young people’s skills?

Check out these ideas for achieving science-based badges...

Science Badge Beavers

Beavers - Experiment Activity Badge 

This activity badge challenges your Beavers to complete three experiments, so get started by planning some of the following activities.

Have a go at this easy retro experiment and make a lava lamp with your Beavers! Using items you can find around the house (or the hut) you can create chemical reactions, which will look just like the real thing. Create white light with your Beavers in just a few simple steps! Explain what happens when you water your plants, with this colourful plant stem experiment that uses celery and food colouring. Or make some amazing magnetic slime in just four steps, and then test its magnetism.

If it’s space that they’re interested in, take your Beavers for an experience that’s out of this world, by planning a trip to Fundays 2017 in June. This year’s activity day is packed full of space-themed adventures to support the Space Activity Badge.

Cubs Science Badge Support 

Cubs - Scientist Activity Badge 

Your Cubs will need to complete six science-based activities, on three different topics, for this activity badge. Here’s some inspiration for fun experiments…

Start off by downloading the Rolls-Royce Cub Scout scientist activity pack. You’ll find loads of activities your Cubs can complete in just 30 minutes! Talk to your Cubs about where to find crystals (hint: they can be found anywhere from snow to salt!) and then get them to make their own with this crystal growing experiment! Task your Pack with making a battery from a lemon (just give it a good squeeze and add some coins). Or help your Cubs discover their lung volume with this easy experiment.

For a bit of adventure, why not make these jet-powered boats on page 9 of Make Do Share and race them against each other!

If it’s space that they’re interested in, why not take your Cubs for an experience that’s out of this world, by planning a plan a trip to Fundays 2017 in June. This year’s activity day is packed full of space-themed adventures to support the Astronomer Activity Badge.


Scouts - Electronics Activity Badge

There is a great range of science-themed badges for Scouts to choose from, so how about starting off with the Electronics Activity Badge. The Scouts Association’s partner, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, has created some great resources to help you along the way. Start off by downloading their activity pack that includes information on all the basics of electronics, as well as some fun activity ideas, such as making light-up greetings cards or a steady hand game.

If they haven’t made them before, you could start getting them interested in electronics, by creating bug robots, by following just a few simple instructions on page 7 of this issue of Make Do Share.

Alternatively, help them learn a valuable skill for the future by rewiring a plug on page 7 of this issue of Make Do Share.

Explorer Science Badge Support

Explorers - Science and Technology Activity Badge

This badge challenges your Explorers to take their skills and interests to the next level.  They can choose from one of the five topics;  meteorology, mechanics, radio communications, electronics or astronomy.

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) can provide great opportunities to work towards the ‘radio communication’ option -  keep an eye out for information about this year’s event that will take place from 20 - 22 October. Use this activity to practice the phonetic alphabet beforehand.

If your Explorers fancy a break from the meeting place and want to explore an area of science in more detail, it’s worth contacting the science department of a nearby university to find out about any science events or taster days. 

Network Badge Support Science


Network members have a world of possibilities when it comes to developing their skills and knowledge of science. They could create their own science project, or arrange a competition at an event and use the Network website to get others involved. Scout Network members can also offer to help younger sections with their science-themed badges, and in turn develop their own skills and experience.


Top tips

  • Get in touch with your local university science department to see if there are any students willing to share their wisdom with your young people. Students could benefit from the teaching experience and you’d have an expert on hand to help solve any scientific queries. 
  • Skill sharing can really help when planning activities for these badges. Remember to make the most of any volunteers or Scout Network members in your District that have science-based jobs or are studying science subjects. You could even ask parents and carers.


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